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People hate change; well most people DO hate change. Bubble Gang’s gonna go bye bye and I think it is time for the creators to move and try a different twist in the same old formula. I’ve actually stopped watching Bubble Gang ever since they brought up the sexy females in the set. It lost its touch for me and it doesn’t look the same as before. It made me stupid watching it. And most people hate it when a tv show closes. Life’s like that and that’s the way it is.

Then, there’s the ‘what the fuck’ is wrong with these astrologists. Imagine the change in our Horoscope and Zodiac signs. We’ve been living a lie all these years and yes they can’t blame us if the Earth shifted. Imagine the shock in our faces one day when we woke up that we’re not Cancers or Arians anymore. I am now a Pisces and I don’t want to be a pishy pishy, as famously quoted by one of the greatest characters in American television, Ernie or Bert’s sex toy. I know the truth should always be told but imagine everything that was made due to the Zodiac signs. What would the crystal ball of the Libre’s Horoscope writer say if the readings have changed?

People were also complaining about their tattoos but you also have to remember that some parents name their kids according to the Zodiac. So, Leo is now Cancertio; Mang Tau is now Mang Ari; and Sagitotoy is now Ophiuchochay.

I am itching right now if I should include Jose Mari Chan’s famous song… Beautiful Girl. Akala niyo Constant Change noh? Burn!

Oh oh oh, Chupa Chups even… wait, what? Chupppaa… Chups? Wow, that is so mature of you Jay-r. Yeah uh.

Yep, Chupa Chups came out with these fail of a lollipops wherein the color of your tongue would change if you sucked on that newly created flavors of the lolls. They really should come out with the Chupa Chups Twilight series where everything is flavored something that is related to red and your mouth is going to sparkle once you suck on it. Lollipops are named after the brand names of the Stephanie Meyer creations. So, it’s like sucking on Edward or sucking itself. Whatever that means.

And then there is Facebook. Yes, you FB. As I really found The Social Network more than average as opposed to its supposed greatness pronounced by a lot of people out there who thinks that the film is awesome. Well, give me time to watch it again and I might change my mind for the upcoming Academy Awards.

Not really…

Well Facebook personal profile pages were recently overhauled with the ‘I really don’t know why’ reasons. A lot of people are probably cursing the creators on what’s up with the change. I personally like it and I have a few other suggestions that I’d like to take up with them.

– Mozilla Firefox has this scripting that can be created and updated by any person who’s good with programming: they call it the Greasemonkey. I hope they do it in Facebook but they should remove the annoying themes that started the downfall of the previous sucky style of Friendster. FYI: People go to your web page not for the overused cute content. We go there just to stalk you. We need pictures and a lot of useless information to track you down in case we want to kill you, abuse you, or steal your phone.

– Sounds. I’m not sure about this but it would be nice if Facebook came up with sound effects that would practically make the site awesome. Let’s say someone is hitting on your friend and she rejects him, a sound effect of ‘Rejected!’ should be overheard through all your friends’ pages and the announcement should be made just like the usual <name> is now a fan of The Sex Life of Madam Auring.

– In an attempt to stop people from using Facebook for long periods of time, FB should be user-friendly; I know a lot of advertisers would whine about this, too. Once in a while, the fonts would change to J3j3-text and invade the whole world about it. Imagine the money that’ll be coming from the outside through ours as we are tasked to program the J3j3-texts because we are awesome that way. We stop using FB and our eyes are saved. Everybody wins. And there should be a Carpal Tunnel prevention option wherein you can’t use your mouse, keyboard, or even your laser vision to control whatever in the site. Again, everybody wins.

– During your birthday, all the shameful pictures and information gathered from your friends should be posted in your profile page to avoid you from using the website and instead of just sulking at home because it is your birthday, this is a reminder that you need to go outside to treat your friends and family because it is your goddamn birthday you thrifty shit you.

– Facebragging should also be put to limited use, let’s say once every two weeks to avoid petty jealousy and green-eyed monsters of friends and families in your site. Yes, you can’t afford the European trip much more to the mundane Ipad and the latest Android Phone. What the fuck? Where are you guys getting the money? BIR should investigate you, you shit.

– Lastly, this is just a basic change that can be easily implemented anytime. If they have an announcement of ‘Jay-r Trinidad’ is now friends with ‘Brian B-rock Latrell’ and ‘Nick Carter’, there should also be an un-friend announcement. It would be awesome, as it will create a dozen or so stories on why you guys became enemies.


~ by targrod on January 18, 2011.

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