:: Pasingit Nga Pls ::

When we were on the road going to Clark yesterday, an interesting chitchat moment came up. It was appealing; actually it was more of appalling, since our norms probably prohibit doing it but most of us do it anyway, the idea of cutting lines or ‘pagsingit’. Bow.

I have always hated this idea and act since it places a big imbalance in the course of nature. Or in other words it is simply unfair to the losing party. It also creates a subconscious domino that might greatly affect a person; though most of the time it just increases someone else’s good karma as opposed to the number of times a person could’ve killed for such undeserved action.

It was like a breathe of air when we boys unanimously agreed that a lot of times this had happened to us whether it be a counter in the department store or your plain ol’ fast food line. It is everywhere.

Sometimes it is hard for me to accept that times like these we would still see this kind of shit. I mean our country had gone past its barbaric ways and would at least be civilized in some parts of the rural areas and more so in the metro. But it usually is not the case as I am on a constant vigilance to people who love to cut lines, more often in fast food.

I definitely understand the situation, when people with such character see me in line and with my lanky physical frame they’d try to hussle me out but playing “patay malisya”. Especially with people who are older than me, they’d act as if what they are doing is right and they’re ready to pick a fight with me. I usually would just give them the look and the stare. If that doesn’t work, I usually let it go since it would just make my day bad. No, I am not a wuss in these kinds of situations. In Tagalog, “kung papatulan ko lahat ng ganito, ibig sabihin niyan sa bawat oras na ako ay tumatahak sa harap ng ibang tao, lagi kong makakaharap ang ganitong gawain. Nasa akin pa din naman ang choice kung papatulan ko yun o hindi. At kung papatulan ko man yung mga ganyang bagay, mahirap na. Bawal akong magalit.”

The usual types of people who do this are the elderly, the self-centered lady, and the bulky dude or any dude who thinks that he is macho enough to bully you.

I understand the old people. I mean they’ve been here for so long that they have the right to these things. In Tagalog: Tutal, mamamatay na naman sila. =)

As for the ladies, the sad part lies in this. Think about it, they’ll cut you off and then when you show them you’re pissed off with what they did, all the people around you would frown on what you did. It is a lost-lost situation for the guys usually. One friend intercept that guys discriminate too. If the guys think that you’re beautiful, you might get lucky to cut the line.

The bulky dude, much like the self-centered lady, poses the same criteria. But this time they are really going to sock you in case you make “palag”. What the fuck right?

But all in all, falling in line creates the character of the person. It just shows that such person doesn’t need to be wasted his / her time on. Besides, it is just cutting a line. Trust me, karma comes back twice fold.


Haven’t you noticed that people who are blessed doesn’t provide bad karma as opposed to people who are aggressive in nature?

My post seems to be wussy and peaceful in nature but one’s idea and reaction may not be exactly true in words. =)

And as much as possible I usually go against the flow, I hate long lines and crowded establishments. Maybe, it is just part of me growing up.


~ by targrod on February 14, 2011.

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