:: Art and fart ::

I wanted to get this off my chest, it is not biggie don’t worry.

Yez, ish not as biggie as Notorious B.I.G. or any of the upsized meals in Wendy’s.

I recently had the time of my life watching Orosman and Zafira. It is a theatre made art starring Orosman, Zafira, and a bunch of other people that I wouldn’t mention since I am not doing a reaction paper anyway.

You see, this play thingy’s location was in Centerstage, MOA, Somewhere in the South, Luzon, Philippines, Earth, Milky Way, Mars, Snickers, Alpha Centauri, Sid Meier. I have to admit that the sound in the place was quite bad. It was an auditorium kind of place much like what we have in the cinema. And thing that was needed in the play is a smooth-sounding place since the words used are Tagalog circa 1900’s.

Now, one thing that irked a few of those who knows what to do inside a theatre-play setting is the throng of school-laden individuals who need to see the said play. I mean it is an easy thing for any school management to send these kids to watch a play that is related in our history. Balagtas created Orosman And Zafira by the way. Some of these kids were rowdy, kicking or kneeing, if ever there is such a word, the chairs in front of them. Most of them were chatting while the play is ongoing. And they were laughing at parts that shouldn’t be laughed at. You’d really like to stand up and shout Silencio, hoping it would work, at least.

Ergo, the proper theater play etiquette is not there. I didn’t pursue this before since what I experienced was students from a high school somewhere in the south. I chatted with a friend and she told me that she experienced almost the same thing and this time the students came from a high-priced school, the one in Ortigas. I have to remind the kids out there that you guys are bringing the name of your school, not just you, to any place where you do your field trips. There are other people who are paying using their own money. And we are watching such because we want to be filled with art. Or something in that sense.

I’m not boasting or anything but us adults, or trying to be one, knows the etiquette. If I remember it correctly, and I came from a technical school ah, we used to watch plays year after year after year may it be in the now defunct Metropolitan Theatre or our school auditorium. And recently, I’ve been watching in the AFP Theatre, Meralco Theatre, and the theatre in RCBC and I haven’t experience such. Maybe the ushers scared the wits of the paying customers, I hope not.

Is the idea of art dwindling in the educational system or is it just because that they are kids, though college students aren’t considered kiddies anymore, right?


~ by targrod on March 17, 2011.

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