:: the film challenge ::

I know I’ve been missing in this semi-forgotten site lately. I didn’t ignore it to the fullest. I had to go full time for a challenge. You see, I’ve been doing a 500 film challenge from a few cinema lovers like me, I did enter a different realm lately that’s why I’ve been less visible, or something in that sense; and I talk about are films and everything that is related to it, well, most of it. I also found out that I can’t do two blog sites since this challenge is a bit grueling. No, seriously, even if you just need to do a few words for each film entry, it takes time, around thirty minutes per, and it is really a challenge. Not the watching part, but the documentation.

I know it was quite crazy at first. I told them that I saw four hundred films last year, I was even lax at that time, and right now I had to go full time for it. The idea itself is quite crazy but as days go by, it felt like it was just a breeze for me, regarding the watching, since it is convenient on my part. The only hard stuff is the writing; I think I said this already, believe it or not, I have an eighty film backlog already. I do hope I get to remember those films.

I know it was quite hard for me since I’ve been seeing a LOT OF FILMS from the past decade. and the only scary thing for me right now is my aim of watching something new since I am not a fan of re-watch. I tend to doze off or jack… o’lantern. Snigger.

Well, pardon my French… and my Fries.

But it has been great all along; I have yet to attend two film locations since they feature free films such as Titus in Quezon City and Mogwai in Cubao. I have attended a film appreciation class in Fully Booked and it was sweet. And at least I get to do trades with people who watches a lot of films and most of the time, has the shit that I am looking for (yes, I am almost complete with my Mike De Leon collection, wazzupers!)

I recently bought a 1 Terrabyte hard drive; the new model, the one where you just make kabit in your usb females. And since I’d want to keep my room clean, I am on a new journey. I am almost finished in copying all my VCD movies in the hard drive; I think it almost took me three hundred gig for that. And then the rest, around one thousand plus DVD’s left. Files are such a pain the ass, right?

Ever since I started last February, I think I’ve already seen around two hundred and fifty films already. I am quite fast, I know. So, I’m extending my supposed challenge to eight hundred or even a thousand films.

And I still have a life. I am fine, thank you.

~ by targrod on May 24, 2011.

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