:: Top11: Shuffle 1 ::

They have this game where you set a topic and then you set your mp3 player to shuffle. You press Next and the next song answers your topic or query. For example, “The next song describes my love life.” And then, after you press Next you get Ulan by Rivermaya. Ulan translated in English is Rain. So my love life might be gloomy.

Simple, right? And so…

11 Things. Shuffle: Songs That Does Not Describe My Significant Other (or they do describe my beau but is just afraid to admit it).

1. Phoenix – Too Young: What is lethal injection?

2. Stone Temple Pilots – Sour Girl: Good if she cooked sinigang; bad if she smells like one.

3. Green Day – Basket Case: But all women are cray-cray na.

4. Pearl Jam – Animal: In a bad way, of course.

5. Kamikazee – Chiksilog: Amen.

6. Noah’s Ark Was A Spaceship – Adult Sized Skeletal: Anorexia is not cool.

7. Kings Of Convenience – Mrs. Cold: Keepin’ it hot babes.

8. Da Pulis – Tae: If you act like one, I will also un-friend you in FB.

9. Admiral Fallow – Squealing Pigs: Hahaha. No comment your honor.

10. Korn – Freak On A Leash: Crazier than cray-cray? Stay away.

11. The Bird And The Bee – Maneater: Heh.


~ by targrod on May 29, 2012.

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  1. wtf? lol

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