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Komikon is a habit that is hard to take out of my system. I grew up reading lokal komiks such as Funny and Kick Fighter komiks (you should have seen my collection, burnt collection that is). My mom handed me my first Mang Ambo, Pupung, and Pugad Baboy (which are all washed-up by Ondoy, grrr much) way back when Marvel Comics is expensive as Starbucks. And now, thanks to the efforts of a few people who are into the komiks industry, this event is forever growing.

As I grew tired of posting stuff that I bought from the convention, allow me to post 11 good points (at least in my book) on why Summer Komikon is successful.

11 Things. I like about Summer Komikon 2012.

1. The usual suspects: PMJR, Budjette Tan, Gerry Alanguilan, Manix Abrera, Lyndon Gregorio. And Many More (not to be mistaken with Mandy More) .

We have the awesomest komik book artists. Foh realz!

2. Shirts and Abubots. The merchandise of these merchants are the ones that are hurting the pockets of the unsuspecting consumer. A sample is the Trese shirt, it costs 350 bucks. And you even haven’t bought any of the other titles yet. Big reminder to all those individuals who frequents this convention, big moolah. Lots of it. Let’s support our own. Capiz (that’s capish by the way and why am I explaining my own joke) ? And this is a good thing, trust me. (link)

3. Flavored Kitkats. I am a sucker for non-existent food in Manila. It did not matter if the price of the consumable is stupendous. I will make-tikim that piece of heaven.

Kit Kat Patty Whack Gibadogabone…

4. Support our local Komik creators. Support is the keyword here. I know there are WTH and thrash titles out there but would it cost you an arm and a leg if you spent 40 or even 50 bucks to buy School Run or even Mighty T? You might like the story or even the humor. If you didn’t like it, you can move on with your life and try another title. And just think that you can, at  least, help their dying pet turtle or tarantula (I was tempted to say ‘dying lolo / lola’ but it sounds wrong) .

Pinsan ni Boy Ipot.

5. Tiktik: The Aswang Chronicles. It was a surprise to see sexy promo ladies at the entrance of the convention. Upon further investigation of their clothing este on why they’re there, posters of this GMA-7 movie entitled Tiktik was prancing throughout a portion of the wall, near the entrance. I thought they were going to make a film out of the sleazy tabloid that made waves during the nineties. I found out that this GMA-7 film also had a comic-book adaptation probably as a marketing ploy for the said movie. Dingdong Dantes and Lovi Poe also graced the event, luckily I went home early. (link)

Or Toro: Ang Inaswang Chronicles. Yes?

6. No cosplayers. I am not against cosplaying. But through the years, the lokal komiks industry has always been overshadowed by the grandeur of cosplaying. And it is about time that we have a komikon that consists of komiks and komik lovers only. That simple. (link)

An image of an individual brushing her teeth = increase in website hits.

7. Pintakasi Soundtrack. I am not a hardcore fan of the film due to my political constrictions but I still got myself a copy of the soundtrack. I also realized that the soundtrack is best heard while watching the film. Too bad, they aren’t going to release the movie yet in DVD form. (link)

Pintakasi Lyn Francisco.

8. Almost had the Boy Pick-up showdown. It would’ve been awesome if Mr. Boy Pick-up, Ogie Alcasid, visited the convention. I wanted to see a Boy Pick-Up versus Mr. Vocabolero showdown. Maybe in the near future or a different ending reminiscent of Army Of Darkness.

Make it happen next year! Please!

9. Still no sign of the infamous Stanley Chi. =D This is an inside joke. ’nuff said.


10. Mark Millar. Not to be mistaken with Manny Millar (nakalusong ka na ba sa dagat ng basura); Mark Millar made a ‘surprise’ visit to the convention courtesy of National Bookstore. Thank God I am not a hardcore comic fan, I would have stayed there till 2 PM and probably had to brush elbows with those, ugh, ‘so-called’ bloggers.

Nicked this from someone, you know who you are.

11. IT’S FREAKING AIRCONIZED!!!! AIRCONIZED! SYET! I remember those days when sweat and saliva go together from different people when I do the shopping rounds in Bahay Ng Alumni. Apart from the commuting problem, the heat sucked, literally and physically, from our hearts and souls. Luckily, Bayanihan Center, along Pioneer, is the perfect place for this kind of convention. Everything is carpeted too, perfect for picnics and playing siato.

Spider-man found. Naked.


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