:: Top11: Please record ::


I still remember my very first Eraserheads concert. Circa 1991, I suppose. Tickets cost 50 pesos only; it was the cheapest. The so-called VIP section costs 200 bucks and my mom was not to wary on how concert tickets were priced before. She informed me that we should’ve taken the more expensive ones so that we didn’t have to stand all night. Nonetheless, the concert was definitely memorable, memorable enough to make me remember my mom’s question, “Ano? Nabuburat na?”

It was obviously from Pare Ko. And I will always remember my answer, “Ewan ko ma.”

And no, I am not embarrassed to say that I was with my mom in that concert. My mom is cool; I am saying that with all objectivity, better than those senators who voted for Renato Corona’s conviction.

Fast-forward to the video-blogging era, I remember I stood on the murky grounds of the BGC concert area, where Eraserheads played their second to the last Reunion gig. It was awesome. I sang my hearts out to every song. But my arms were telling me to just enjoy the show and instead, I was taking the video of the whole concert.

For me, it proved one thing, it makes the concert feel sucky.

I just realized that taking your eyes and hearts out of a concert makes the experience less enjoyable. Imagine, you have to stretch out your arms for five full minutes for a single song, timing everything in the process. You cannot jump, you cannot shout, and you cannot do anything else; you just have to stand there… lifeless.

I think I saw an article about this before and it was all true.

Everyone wants a piece of the experience. Everyone wants to commemorate and make the event memorable with documentation. Gone are the days when you go to a concert and experience it. Technology (almost) killed everything. I remember a friend’s brain fart when they went to the Harry Potter Exhibit in England. She said she is not going to write the whole experience, that something should be saved in one’s memory. And she is absolutely right.

So, from hereon, the best thing that I should do is probably to record around three songs and enjoy the rest of the night. Taking pictures is a must.

11 Things. Why we take videos of concerts (this is somewhat hypocritical for me but I learned my lesson the hard way).

1. For documentation purposes. Kasi paglaki mo gusto mong maging isang secretary.

2. You were actually making-boso to that girl in front of you who is almost naked with her tube blouse and short skirt. Right.

3. You’re waiting for a recorded video worthy of an entry in America’s Funniest Home Video. Hey, you might win money in the process.

4. You’re bootlegging the concert. Pambawi man lang sa mahal ng ticket prices.

5. You are kind-hearted and you told your crush that you would record everything for her hoping she would say yes to you after showing the video(s) to her. Then, you found out that she used you and she went out to a date with another guy. Sila na ngayon and she has the videos. Personally, it was a smart move for her. And then, a few years after you would be charged with multiple murders because you’ve turned into a hate freak.

6. You do that because you’re a jackass. Imagine, using your IPad2 to record stuff. You look ridiculous, you stupid shit.

7. You are an aspiring videographer. And you do this for practice. You are not even a fan of those bands. Either you won them in contests or someone gave the tickets to you. Eh, sayang eh.

8. You wanna make yabang that you went to that concert even if you are not a fan. Pathetic.

9. You crave for attention. You want those likes in Facebook and YouTube. And you would probably defend yourself if you received negative comments. Dude, move on. What is Internet trolling.

10. You wanna re-live the experience. That whenever you watch that damn video, you instantly remember your last day with your girlfriend or boyfriend because she dumped you after the concert. Ginamit lang pala ang iyong kayamanan.

11. You are an “events blogger”. You live blog everything for those loser type of people who can’t even save money and time. Come on guys, the experience itself is way better than what you see on your computer screens.


~ by targrod on June 5, 2012.

7 Responses to “:: Top11: Please record ::”

  1. That was one my best brain farts, thank you very much. I also said the same thing when I went to the Louvre and I hated how everyone was more concerned with taking photos of themselves with the art works rather than just enjoying it. Grrr. Stupid people with money owning technology they shouldn’t be. /endrant

    • the experience is the best experience.

      hayaan mo na, umiiral lang talaga ang ego-brag sa ibang tao.

      • Hahayaan ko na nga lang kasi wala silang na-gain na experience or wisdom sa mga pinag-gagagawa nila. Ang nakakabwiset lang is they are ruining the experience for others.

      • i get your point. and realization na din na mas gusto kong pumunta sa isang spot / place / scenery na kaunti lang ang tao (or yung kabubukas lang) dahil marami talagang hindi marunong umintindi ng ethics (basic na yan) sa mga nararapat na kalalagyan.

  2. Amen.

  3. Sorry, now ko lang nakita to.
    Not sure I agree with the sentiments here.

    Me being me, I find great pleasure in capturing the experience.
    And I’m not just talking about concerts here, though I find the idea of shooting an entire concert ridiculous! People actually do that?!
    Disclosure: I captured each and every musical number of the Lion King show in Disneyland HK. But just the numbers. Hahaha!
    Anyway, mostly I shoot my travels though I’m less the type to shoot vids/pics with myself in them. I want to capture exactly how my eyes saw them.
    I guess that’s part of the experience for me. Kulang ang experience if I don’t have a cam in hand and recording my initial reactions. I don’t believe naman that I ruin the experience for others.

    To each his own, I suppose.

    • yan ang isa sa golden rule na dapat fina-follow ng mga kumukuha ng videos and pictures. don’t ruin the experience of others. =) pak na pak! =P

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