:: Top11: Bowling Tips ::

I’m not a prolific bowler, as opposed to the professionals and to those people who play the sport regularly. I think the only advantages I can think of are: years of playing and knowledge with the basics. It really helps if you’re familiar with the sport.

I still remember, around seven years of age, when I threw my first ball at the bowling center. It was just across SM Hypermart, the one where Comida China de Manila is residing today. The parents probably allowed me to do that since the bowling balls used at duckpin bowling is way lighter than the ones used for tenpin.

Info: Duckpin bowling balls weigh two to three kilos in average while tenpin balls are the big ones, and the most common, used in malls and (tiyo) Paeng’s Bowling centers. Also, Tenpin de Sarapen…

And so, here are some tips that I would like to share to everyone. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow everything that is written here. For me, as long as it works, then go for it.

11 Things. Bowling Tips.

1. Form is important. (link)

Bowling might feel and look like an easy sport but you are wrong. There are dangers too, even for players, if they don’t know how to throw the ball. What you see in the image above is the last step and the needed form in bowling. At times, you might bruise your hip or even you knee just by throwing the ball. And the best part, of course, is if you hit your balls with the bowling ball.

And just like love, the perfect form will blow your heart away. Whatever that means.

2. Learn to adjust.

Sometimes, players get too eager-beaver in throwing the ball. If you’re having a bad game, just check your previous throws. And usually, it all boils down to a hard-headed nincompoop, like you; who keeps on throwing the ball, the same style, all throughout the game. An example, if you’ve been throwing from the middle part of the lane and it always roll down to the left canal, how about moving to the rightmost part of the lane and just throw the ball, like you always do.

And just like love, if the relationship is not working. Adjust!

3. The right holes for the right fingers.

Let us consider the three holes of the bowling ball as points for an isosceles triangle. Those points at the base should be used for the middle and the ring finger and the hole at the top should be for your thumb. Avoid using your point finger as a substitution for your ring finger. Trust me on this one, I’ve been there. It will affect your control of the ball. I guess, you should be afraid if there is booger inside on one of those holes.

And just like love, uhm… I.Won’t.Explain.

4. Step by step. Oooohhh baby.

I’ve noticed that there are players who run and there are those who just stand there before throwing the ball. Below is an example of an image on the steps that we need to do before throwing the ball:

The last step should be your left foot, if you’re right-handed. And vice-versa. Three steps are the least number and 454 steps if you want to start from the comfort room.

And just like love, the first step is kissing, the second step is fondl… James Fond? =P

5. Find your ball and not your testis.

Since this is just a tip for all the newbies out there, just try those balls out (heh). If you think it is comfortable enough for you, try it out for one whole game. Personally, it is not advisable if you change balls at the middle of your game. It would really change the outcome. Key word here is consistency. Just like your mucus.

Ball selector link

And just like love, especially for all the girls out there, never touch the balls of different men in one sitting. Do it one at a time.

6. Shadow bowling.

It is a term used if you’re just throwing the ball at the lane without any pins. It helps you find your groove and you can practice throwing the ball at those hard to reach shots such as pin number six and ten — pins that are nearest to the canals. You can also dance the Macarena, if you want. It helps with the 5% audience participation.

And just like love, practice makes perfect. If you know what I mean. Always be safe, ‘kay?

7. Always be aware.

Check if it is really your time to throw the ball. Check if you are at the right lane. Check if all the pins are available; sometimes the pin machines get to malfunction once in a while. And check if you still have your pants on. A new level of dressing-down, yes?

And just like love, check if she still kisses your lips, check if she still says I Love You, and check if you’re still ‘in a relationship in FB.

8. Scoring.

The maximum number of points for bowling is 300. In theory, you should get three strikes in a frame (a total game has ten frames). If you get a strike, always remember that you still have the two balls (or plus 20 points max) per frame and a spare gives you an extra ball (or plus ten points max). If you find my explanation woozy, then eff you! Ha!

Seriously, it is easier to learn in an actual setting. Just like sex.

And just like love, scoring is important. Heh.

9. Avoid faults and lofting.

Avoid stepping on the line of the lane. Yes, the one that connects the lane from the real world. Competitions would give you demerit. And even if it is just a practice game, just avoid stepping on it.

Lofting means that you are throwing the bowling ball just like a basketball. Bowling simply means that you have to roll the ball (and hit the pins). Competitions also give demerits to lofting and it hurts the bowling lane. Every time it is hit due to lofting, a tikbalang dies. Poor ponies.

And just like love, avoid fault-finding since you’re not a member of the fault-finding committee.

10. Courtesy.

Simply put, if a person beside you is planning to throw the ball, just wait for your turn and pray that he / she gets a gutter ball.

And just like love, duh. We should always be courteous even if we’re doing it. It, meaning eating.

11. Do not force yourself.

There is always a next time.

And just like love, the right arm (or the left) is always important. Right? =P


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