:: Top11: Tooth Ache ::

Cavateez… Katabi ng Laguneez. (link)

11 Things. That I Would Do To Alleviate The Pain Of My Toothache.

1. Dress like a girl and ride the MRT / LRT during peak hours. I’ll make sure that I’m with sex-induced burly type of men.

2. Play The Game Of Thrones board game. Don’t forget to finish it. Say goodbye to eights hours of my precious life.

3. Have a flame war with Internet trolls. Make the arguments illogical as possible.

4. Talk to my ex and have a lengthy discussion on why we broke up.

5. Random Call Me Maybe video marathon.

6. Acquire rolls of bubble wrap. Watch a film in Megamall. Commence popping.

7. Ask the annoying neighbor to turn up the volume of their videoke session.

8. Watch Manny Pacquiao dance in his variety show Manny Many Prizes. Over and over.

9. Re-read all the Twilight books. I’ll ready my highlighter and take note of the ‘beautiful’ lines blurted by Bella Swan while sniffing Elmer’s glue.

10. Promote Annabelle Rama as the next National Artist of this country. Do it via signatures, Like page in FB, pass an envelope in public utility buses and jeepneys, etc. You know, the works.

11. Browse and fantasize images from this: Madam Auring’s Alluring Website.


~ by targrod on June 26, 2012.

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