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The site, OPM2Go, is probably the next iTunes in our country. Gone are the days when you have to buy the album and you are only interested in a song, or two; which gives you the option to just search from the net and download away.

The best thing about this is you can browse through albums and you can download songs, per artist, per album, for a fee. Hey, at least you’re doing it legally.

You can finally download songs from The Mongol’s Buddha’s Pest, Imago’s Probably Not, But Most Definitely, or Taken By Cars’ Dualist. Imagine this, you are actually helping the local industry; thanks to the wonderful people who brainstormed, created, and launched this really helpful website.

I hope more Filipino artists would actually use this in the future, especially with the technology that we have today.

11 Things. Filipino albums, in OPM2Go, that made me smile / smirk.

1. Cherries. Or The Cherries is a duo composed of Cherry Lou and the other Cherry (she does not matter since she is laos na). As far as I can remember, I think I first saw the duo in a noontime show, circa Magandang Tanghali Bayan (I think); aside from the other duo that was made famous by the show (yes, the midgets). I know that they ventured into singing and is now a member of the one-hit wonder no-hit wonder club. As of press time (in my dimension), Cherry Lou became a Viva Hot Babe and my crushness to her quickly dissipated. (link)

2. Idelle Martinez. Remember TGIS? She was one of the original cast of the show; the younger batch with Angelu De Leon’s group of misfits. She was one of the forgotten soft-spoken cast-members and if memory serves me right, Lester Llansang was the more visible of the young(er) batch. I’m surprised to see her album. And more surprised to remember her short stint on television. Also, I am not sure if she’s related to the Martinez clan. (link)

3. FOJ. Or Vanna Vanna (nah, it does not matter). I am not sure of the history of this girl group on why they had to change their name. Either they want publicity or they lost a member (because she decided to call it quits and went solo; not Han Solo ah.) Nonetheless, I will forever remember Hurting Inside and FOJ Is Gonna Rock You Out. The jologs in me is starting to show. Kebs. (link 1, link 2)

4. Masculados. Yes, them. Ugh. Next please. (link)

5. Fred Panopio. I always have a fascination with the Pinoy pop culture phenomena. Imagine, novelty songs are usually more powerful in terms of ‘tattooed in one’s mind’ and its annoyingly impeccable lyrics. I can’t even comprehend that those songs that are worthy are often buried in a trunk (and forever forgotten in a far away galaxy). He was well-loved by the drunk crowd especially during the time when guitar is the main form of amusement. (link)

6. Quickie. I. Can’t. Even. Comprehend.  This. Album. Why? (a hypothetical question my dearies) (link)

7. Pabs Dadivas. I’ve heard of this man’s name from my mom when I was still a student. He must have done something cool before, re: name recall. The name Dadivas would get you to something draggy. Whereas, Dadivas might be construed as The Divas. (link)

8. Rufa Mae Quinto. Really now, Peachy had an album? I wonder why didn’t the local masa stations pick this up? Not too catchy or too mainstream? (link)

9. Edgar Mortiz. I still remember his skit in the now defunct, and original, Goin’ Bananas. He would play the grand piano while singing Remember Me; or something in that sense, my memory is killing me right now. I have always known him as a singer; and, the films Love Letters (with Vilma Santos) and Drakulita (with Nora Aunor) sealed the deal. (link)

10. Vilma Santos. Vilma had this (almost) irritating voice when she was singing in her teens. It was near forgettable but once you hear the voice, it will stick through your head and memory. And well, the rest is up to you if you could eventually remove it from your hard drive. Nonetheless, it is still amusing to see her album in this site. (link)

11. Armida Siguion Reyna. This is the best find in the site. No, really. I mean it. (link)


~ by targrod on June 29, 2012.

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