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11 Things. You can do in the office during your ‘free time’.

1. Play network games. I know you have always wanted to play Defense Of The Ancients (i refuse to call it dota) or *ugh* Counter-Strike in your workplace. I remember there was this episode in The Office (U.S.) wherein they play network games after office hours to build teamwork with your colleagues. That is an effective excuse, of course, OR you can connive with the Network Engineer Supervisor and ask them to install the games for everyone who is playing. But you have to include them in the LAN party even if they suck at it. You win some, you lose some.

2. Sleep everywhere. The traditional method of sleeping in the office is always on your desk / workstation. Fear not, there are other places in your office where you could take a nap especially if the place doesn’t offer beds for the employees. The pantry, the sofa, or even the bathroom. The last one is kind of tricky, it takes a lot of practice. Or how about less TV / less late night films / less FB-ing / less PBB-ing and commence on an early sleep instead.

3. Card games. When I say card games, I am referring to those family friendly ones. Samples of which are Monopoly Deal / Transformers Deal or even UNO. You can actually start a mini-tournament during your free time / after office hours. Or you can play during office hours, just play quietly.

4. Cooking 101. All you need is some kick-ass cooking for the busy body in you. You can always try my office’s specialty: instant pancit canton, spicy-flavored + Century Tuna, the plain ones. Or how about cooking hotdogs using an oven toaster. The list is endless.

5. Talk to your work. Make it a bit exciting. How about talking to your work while working? Who cares if you sound crazy? Imagine, you can berate your work for hours end and it would never complain or start a fisting este fist fight with you. In the end, you will always win.

6. Little pranks. Office pranks should always be done on a minimum. The basic rule is: if you don’t want to experience it, don’t do it. Turning keyboards around or even typing POGI AKO in group chat is acceptable while pulling the Internet cable out of the CPU is not advisable; unless if you are ready for revenge.

7. Talk to ghosts / supernatural beings. Seriously, they are the most ignored entities in your office. Imagine your glee, if you are alone in the office and you’d want to just talk; and there is not living individual in sight. Fear not, you can always talk to the entities around you. Just always expect something in return. I guess the best reply would be the smell of freshly picked flowers that we often use in burials and cemeteries. Awesome, right?

8. Trivia Skype party. You do this to break the unbearable slavery of work. You can ask film, TV, geography, capitals, or even jologs questions. You can actually look for questions in the Internet; there are websites that provide daily trivia questions. Just make sure that someone in your chat party has minimal workload to facilitate the trivia.

9. Film showing. It takes a lot of will and means to make this possible. You need four things: an overhead projector, a laptop, films, and a room that you can use preferably those that are used for meetings. Number one rule: do this if all the bosses are out. Never ask for money. Don’t forget to cook popcorn. Only show tear-jerker films so that you could ‘out’ your oozing-with-machismo office mate.

10. Socialize with mice and ants. You know, they get lonely too.

11. Turn your office PC into a big-ass kindle. This is kind of old-school but you can always read books and comics on your PC. I know you are excited to read the 50 Shades of Grey e-book or Vertigo’s Fables. You can easily catch up on your “reading list.” And imagine that, you can also read Heavy Metal and *some-other-magazines-that-I-wouldn’t-mention* at work.


~ by targrod on July 5, 2012.

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