:: Top11: Excuse me ::

Humans have mastered the art of alibis or excuses. There are times when you can’t make the occasion or you just don’t feel doing or attending it.

Now, it is considered appropriate to reply to an invitation, even if you are turn/ing it down. I think people should always follow this simple rule anytime, anywhere. Don’t you hate it when people are ignoring your invites. And when you talk to them, they instantly have an excuse, just like a memory fetches an information from the hard drive.

It would be really nice to avoid such awkwardness if you tell that person why you can’t come beforehand. Just because it is the rule of the courteous. You do know, people are taking tabs if you are the type of person who constantly ignore invites. And so:

11 Things. Creative ‘excuses’ you can use everyday.

1. My eyes are all red. =( Ngayon ko na lang ulit napanood ang Land Before Time kasi.

2. Hindi pa kasi tapos yung taping ng Urutsokidoji: Live Action.

3. Tinatapos ko pa kasi itong The Cure For Insomnia, 12 hours na lang at tapos na ako!!! Woot! (OC sa films, sorry.)

4. Ay sorry, napasarap yung pag-break-in nitong sasakyan. I’m in a place called CWC.

5. Malabo, mag-aararo pa kasi kami ng palay ni itay sa likod-bahay mamaya.

6. Naaksidente si tatay, inatake sa puso si nanay, nasunog yung kusina namin, at namatay si bantay. Oh, kumusta ka na nga pala?

7. I didn’t know that Daisy Chain is tiring. Hindi na ko makakasunod diyan.

8. I accidentally drank viagra. I didn’t know the effect is horrendous.

9. Kasabay pala niyan nung Oblation Run ng company namin. Appropriate ba kung dumaan ako diyan during the event?

10. I had to go to the doctor due to intense cropophagia.

11. Napagod na akong makipag-plastikan eh.


~ by targrod on July 9, 2012.

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