:: News Bits 1 ::

I am slightly sick and letting my mind on a break today. I don’t want to force myself into something or anything as it might prove fatal for me. =P

A lot of things happened during the week. Especially the passing of the one and only Comedy King, Dolphy.

Funny thing is, instead of mourning, people went gaga over the issue of the disqualification of his National Artist nomination. Can’t we just pay respect to the dead first?

Or how about those unscrupulous bloggers who readied their Dolphy In Memoriam blog posts to attain hits? Plus Ruffa Guttierez’s early condolence tweet. At first, nobody believed her.

Much more, of course, to those kids who actually tweeted that Dolphy’s death coincided with their 50th monthsary. Kids, monthsary is not even an official word. And it has its life-cringing effects to the saddened reader.

Plus, China’s continued bullying. What else is new?

On the brighter side of the spectrum: our Men’s Sepak Takraw team won the gold medal in the World Championships in Thailand, the band Ciudad has their new album out: Follow The Leader, and girl stuff is the new talk in town (Hello Magic Mike and 50 Shades of Grey).

So, how about the same old-same old news bits segment, wherein I react to your usual everyday headlines. Nothing new here. Blame the brain.

– – – – – – – – – – –

MMFF strengthens New Wave indie category.
Ordinary movie goer would probably say, “Nandyan ba si Bossing, si Panday, o si Tanging Ina? Kung wala, the hell we care!”

US probing Mikey, wife for money laundering.
“I knew it! The Arroyos are aliens!

Magic Mike tagline: Your favorite hunks in one movie!

Boracay named world’s best island.
And we’re still stuck with the world’s worst airport, yes?

Donaire overcomes cramps to unify titles.
Dysmmenorhea’s a bitch!

MMDA sets hours for buses to use flyovers.
When common sense kicks in.

RX: Vinegar fights diabetes and obesity.
Calling out to the lucky guy who’s dating Madam Auring, you’ll never get diabetes and obesity.

Rapper Nicki Minaj hides her face as she arrives at the NAIA for a concert tonight at the SM MOA Arena.
Yeah, she should do that. At least not to scare the kids inside the airport.

~ by targrod on July 13, 2012.

2 Responses to “:: News Bits 1 ::”

  1. I almost gagged at that ‘monthsary’ tweet. I was thinking Mama Rama would have earned ‘ganda points’ should she have ran after these sorry kids with the cane instead 😛

    • agree with that! =D

      sadly though, rama’s digging her own grave, deeper and deeper, every time the showbiz industry’s in a lull.

      that’ll be something that her critics would love to see. hehe.

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