:: SPIT Rookie Night ::

This is really crazy.

Not in this lifetime would I think that I would at least do a theater performance in front of a crowd. Things like these are always in the dream cache of my brain and probably the oh so passe bucket list.

I am really happy to inform everyone that I would be doing improv (improvisation) tomorrow with veterans.

Holy Mackerel!

I guess the universe is properly conniving that benefits my liking. As I have always been a frustrated actor. And I always have had problems with line memorization and all the shiznit that crushes my inability to perform well if I was given an absolute set of lines to say. Ad lib has always been a friend and good thing for moi, the Morning Rush training helped me to think things in an instant.

And so, if you are in the vicinity of Makati, near the post office / Columns building / Fire Station / tindahan ni Aling Kepweng, drop by and watch the very first (i think) SPIT Rookie Nights. You can watch us at Quantum Cafe; address is 9590 Kamagong corner Bagtikan Street, Makati. If you see an old man holding five lit candles while singing Chumbawumba’s Tubthumbing, then you are probably lost in the eight spectrum of the lost civilization of Mekekekkwek.

Aside from the usual SPIT players, you’d see yours truly and @mistervader (a rusher).

Anyhoo, I hope you could come, visit, and heckle tomorrow. This is my very first gig and I hope you enjoy the sight of me crumbling like the Tower of Babel.


the owner of this site would like to thank this site. I iz one lazy bastard.


~ by targrod on July 18, 2012.

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  1. Videos!

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