:: Cinemalaya Week 2012 ::

in which, i’ll be out of blogging commission for the coming week since i’m prioritizing this.

in which, i am supporting our local indie films.

in which, i’ll relay my cinemalaya experiences from time to time.

in which, we should all watch filipino indie films because they are awesome and it is something to be proud of.

in which, i am only supporting the films and not the film fest. as they say, support the films, fuck the fest.

in which, despite the gloomy and ugly weather, i’m braving all of this to watch awesome stories from awesome directors.

in which, we should all watch these films because the dark knight is overrated (there, i said it).

and in which, i hope you watch these films too.


~ by targrod on July 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “:: Cinemalaya Week 2012 ::”

  1. I heard they have a day pass worth P500 that will let you watch 4-6 movies. I just hoped there was a comedy in the lineup, though. Parang Ded Na Si Lolo 😀

    • yup. but i think it’s only available in CCP (i’m watching only in GB3. sucks to be geographically-challenged).

      you don’t want to try the usual drama, violence, and a bit of the unusual? not to mention the artsy stuff that’s flying all over the place.

      but i doubt that there’d be a true-blue comedy in cinemalaya. hehe. and from what i’ve already seen, ang paghihintay sa bulong (short), the animals, and mga mumunting lihim have the bits and pieces of the funnies. =)

  2. Oh I see. I thought all cinemas will offer that 😦

    I’m interested in Bwakaw because of the great Eddie Garcia. Also heard about those 3 you mentioned were worth the watch. Thanks for the tips! 😀

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