:: Rookie night, dundundundun ::

Doing something in front of a crowd after years of being forlorn (i don’t even know what this means), is a sure-fire mix of heart-pumping, excitement, and death. And I think it would be better if I was dead before the said gig.

Just kidding.

But seriously, it was really fun and I am still exhilarated with what happened to me last Thursday. Finally, I am doing something that I love and something that fits my personality (i think). I may say that this is somehow a dream come true since most dreams are made during your teens or on your twenties. And I am only in my twenties, that’s a double-dream come true! (and then I wait for “nasa twenties ka pa lang? pakyu.”)

Of course, there are people out there who can do things even if they are in their sixties. A porn video probably, yes?

So, last Thursday, I trooped to Quantum Cafe and I was greeted by members of SPIT and found Kel, a fellow SPIT rookie, in one of the tables, trying to relax. Keyword here is relax, ‘kay. I had to check the Internet to take out all the stage freight that is lurking inside my loins. Luckily, thanks to Miss Giselle Goloy, she sent me a video of Call Me Maybe (pucha), version made by Basti and Tirso (yey-ness).

And with that, I became pumped up. Really.

Now, there were learnings before the start the show. And I realized that I have to show face, prior to the show; to put the audience at ease. Plus, there were introductions too. I liked the part where you can throw a ping-pong ball at Akong, a SPIT member, if you don’t find him funny.

See, SPIT is fun! As a reader, I know you want to throw a ping-pong ball in a comedy show. And you can do it legally.

Then, it started.

The first “game” (they call these games instead of skits) started. It was “What are you doing?” It was fairly simple. The host gets three letters (or four) from the audience (random). And us players (SPIT members) would come up with the most creative acronym for those letters. We would act it out on stage, almost exaggerated for theater reasons. There is a time limit in coming up with the acronym. If you fail, you’re out. And when it was my time to generate such, I simply flunked out. I am really bad with acronym naming if there is a time limit. Lucky for us rookies, we have an extra life. Using my second life, I sucked again. And Kel won the game.

The thing is, I was practicing the whole day using the letters found on the plates of cars. I guess I need more practice.

I won’t divulge any of the games / skits used in the show except for those that I took part in. The experience itself is different if you’re there. The element of surprise, fun, and no expectations are a must.

Anyhoo, the next skit was somewhat fast but challenging. The title of the game is LCD or Location, Career, Death. I’m too lazy to explain it. And I was part of it. If you want an explanation of what LCD is, improvencyclopedia.org is ready to serve and help you. I was the first person to ingest what the person was doing. I think I did a terrible job but I reminded myself that I didn’t froze from brain tumor and it was a first; thank God the crowd didn’t boo me or anything. I have lots to improve on, including a supposed well-versed explanation of my story to the audience.

Never ending penis monologue is the key. All right, that was lewd; removing monologue. Seriously though, I think I need to build up on my English comprehension skills. I suck at it. Or probably, I could find a way that would make it interesting even if I suck at it.

Kel kicked it high with the game, Add-On. When we tried this out last Tuesday, I definitely sucked to the fullest. It was freaking hard. Simply because you need to memorize on the spot and I am definitely bad with that. Luckily, I got LCD and Kel got this one. He was really good at this. Congrats Kel! Again, if you’re curious with this game, attend a SPIT gig.

And then, the last game that included us rookies, was Hey D (?). This time, my confidence level was at a sure high because I am oh so familiar with the concept of this game. Think on-the-spot esmyuskee. I’d like to post short clips for this, as a friend took it during the gig. I’ll pester him, hoping I could post it here in the near future.

The gig ended with a bang (at least in my vocabulary + dictionary + atlas). All the SPIT members were helpful and very encouraging, keeping our, the rookies, spirits up high. I would personally like to thank Gabe Mercado for the wonderful opportunity and to the rest of the gang for the kick-ass acceptance.

I hope I could do this again in the future. I love improv. And I do hope you watch a SPIT gig too; trust me on this.


~ by targrod on July 24, 2012.

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