:: Habs: Day 3 ::

– – –

I asked my mom last night if Ondoy was worse than what we are having today.

Ondoy was bumbunan deep while this one was just chest deep. Ondoy lasted for three days only while this one, still unsure. Ondoy was surprisingly fast while this one, it took time; letting everyone to ready up and prepared with the up and coming delubyo. And definitely Ondoy had a name, while this one… is Habs for habagat, okay?

But I realized that it was not the case. There shouldn’t be any comparisons. All natural disasters feel the same. The waiting game is always imminent. Money is definitely not well spent. And the cleaning of one’s need is definitely a pain in the ass.

The fact that you feel helpless is not a good thing.

And I am still happy that there are people out there who remember us. Aside from my family, I draw strength from you. It is greatly appreciated if I receive a text, a DM, a PM, a Plurk, or a FB comment. Thank you so much.

As I am writing this today, August 9, at one in the morning, I am still finding my solitude as I am still worried on when will this rain stop.

I hope you’re safe wherever you are.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

You can always blame the bad drainage, the politicians, or even the garbage of the people. It is always obvious that these are the leading culprits on why we experience and encounter the harsh reality of flooding in the metro.

As early as last week, we’ve seen loads of garbage dumped on trucks along Roxas Blvd. I guess we have to thank Gener, he proved that we can’t even clean our own shit.  Then, there’s the landslide in Antipolo, where more than eight people were hurt. You can always blame that the soil was soft but you can also blame on how the road was made.

But would you still say, the same goes to the other provinces that were destructed by a mere Habs?

We have to accept that the real deal is happening. I can’t even fathom the idea that Habs would hinder the progress of the majority of Luzon province. Come on, the real issue here is global warming. Water level is obviously up and those clouds are taking water, more than what they can chew.

I really do wish that those big countries out there, who are the leading components in global warming, would at least understand that even if their countries aren’t affected by the so-called natural phenomenon, sooner or later they are going to get it. I think it is really time to listen to Al Gore. I know that it is the inconvenient truth.

And a big kudos to our president and the rest of the people who are constantly helping those who are in need. But I would like to extend to the politicians in our area, yes Cainta “leaders”, this is you. Stop with the corruption. You think we already forgot what happened in Ondoy? And for goodness sake, just because we didn’t vote for you, it doesn’t mean that you would turn you blind eye into those villages and barangays that supported you in the last election.

We need that change in our area.

Funny thing is, Ondoy happened and last time I heard on the news, it seems that the local government is not prepared with evacuation. Pathetic.

Our money (tax) is working inside their pockets.

– – –

And lookie at this, my version of Teh Boatman Chronicles. Nothing much happens here. Think of it as art na lang.


~ by targrod on August 9, 2012.

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