:: blocked, unfollowed, unsubscribed ::

The networking world has bypassed the addictive stage and it became a staple in our everyday lives. Funny that years ago, a decade even, when people wouldn’t even bother to stay in one website in long periods of time and instead, they would just flicker around the Interwebz trying the suckiness that Yahoo would offer; as there wasn’t much before, save for your usual e-mail, forums, and chat.

Yes, and Friendster too. Goodness gracious, effin’ Friendster. The one-stop shop for the early online stalkers.

Nowadays, the virtual world almost has that niche parallel to our physical and real lives. It was our way to our family, friends, frenemies, stalkees, and our daily news update, never mind if at times we would get false information that we would easily believe. Maybe because it’s all Internet? Gullibility is the new common sense.

And, of course, we are dangerously affected if we are blocked, unfollowed, or unsubscribed by people; even those people with whom we had little or no connection. Either they found us because we were witty in a radio show or we were a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, thank you Kevin Bacon.

Now, we really treat the virtual life as something real, and as said, it would ruin our minds viciously thinking on the wonders of why we were shut off from someone else’s virtual world.

I remember the time when I had a falling out with someone just because he did something ultimately, and offensive, wrong in one of the networking sites; if you know / knew me, you’d know who am I talking about. It was something unexpected and up until now, I never got the worded apology, just to show that he was sorry with what happened.

And that is just a background of my story. You see, if you’re in a sea of people, you might as well be friends with the rest of the H2O too. You know, just to be cordial and shit with everyone. You don’t need to be uber-close to them especially if you really don’t have anything in common. Hey, that’s life. That is the real world. There are people that jive and there are people that lies on the opposite poles, or points, of the Venn Diagram.

It was okay at first. I thought we were friends. In fact, there was even a time when I informed the above-mentioned friend, for him to join us since we weren’t really doing anything much in one of our vacations. I even had a connection with this guy. We talked about Martial Law and the love for democracy. I guess it all started, and the eye-opener of it was, when I chatted him once on YM, I received an unusual reply from him; for the record, I think it was the only time I talked to him. It was as if he was talking to a little kid. Hey, I know I’m childish but that was way off. It was the last time I talked to him via YM.

Now, I tend to be a snoop and extra-observant, at times, to people if I see something unusual in a major timeline of a networking site. I was surprised that he was updating the same thing that I did, which gave me the idea that I was probably muted. Months passed and I really have that feeling that I was unsubscribed from the feed.

It was hard for me before since I am the type of person who wants the people around me to be, somehow, pleased. I’ve always thought that all people are inherently nice. They probably are but not to me. Well, the powers that be of naive-ity.

Also, the stories told are probably connected with each other because they’re friends. And I wouldn’t mind if people took sides. At least, there is loyalty.

Today, I would definitely get it if people unfollowed me from Twitter or even unfriended me from Facebook. Everyone has their own preferences. I would get it if you would find me jologs, corny, or downright stupid at times. I wouldn’t mind.

The best thing that I need to do right now is to just strengthen my ties with those people who are dear to me and laugh at those who are connected to me but are downright stupid with their ideas and shit that they constantly update in the virtual world.

– – – – – – – – – –

I think we should get offended if we’ve known this person for a great period of time, and we’ve managed to get through with shit through thick and thin, and all of a sudden we’re dropped from his / her real world friend’s list, reasons unknown.

Yes, we definitely need a proper explanation for this one. This might hurt you, just in case, but the truth hurts, most of the time.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Thanks to Giselle for giving me this idea for today’s online journal entry. I’ve kept this shit for so long, I think I need to let it out.


~ by targrod on August 20, 2012.

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