:: breathe and recuperate ::

After a heavy and hard-hitting natural calamity, comes a shining sun with matching happy faces of the rays while touching your skin with gleeful phenomena. Life indeed is a very funny thing, despite traces of the Yang or the Yin, whichever is the one that we worry about or we stay away from. And as much as we wanted this tribulation to go away, we need to be ready and to face the infinite chances of face-off with Gaea.

Our life is probably back. This is less taxing than what we’ve encountered three years ago. Thanks to us being semi-ready and being alert, we lost what we think is disposable and we know that the basic needs of man was well taken cared of. But chances are, collateral damage swings back in. And even our hearty Murphy’s Law, laughs with an awful glee.

This is a summary of what had happened to us during the week of the unnamed natural disaster (clicky if you must or you can just browse down, your choice):
Day 1. Hello flood.
Day 2. Waiting sucks.
Day 3. We try to survive.
Day 4. Land.
Epilogue. At may pahabol pa.

I think the greatest loss this time is our vehicle. I should’ve moved my ass to just move the car to a higher place. The water went up to the dashboard of the vehicle, and everything is useless, according to our insurance. Hopefully, we could still get something from that. My mother needs a vehicle badly, not for luxurious reasons but it is a great need for our family. I do hope everything falls into the right place, our way.

Praying to God that He would provide.


~ by targrod on August 21, 2012.

3 Responses to “:: breathe and recuperate ::”

  1. Like I said before, if you need any other help, please let us know. *hugs*

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