:: Ay, Dub Idub ::

I have always been a fan of Apo Hiking Society. I can name a minimum of ten of their songs, at this instant; I follow Jim Paredes on Twitter, starstruck included; I have this nagging sensation on why Jim Paredes only had a minor role on Mike De Leon’s Kakabakaba Ka Ba?; I was slightly affected on their break-up a few years ago; I rooted for them when they bumped heads with Eat Bulaga during the noontime show wars; I joyously bought the original audio CD’s of the APO tribute albums; and Panalangin is one favorite videoke song.

The moment I found out that they were filming a Mamma Mia inspired film that would show Apo songs, mixed reactions kicked-in. I was excited about it and at the same time hesitant, are we ready for something like this? Are we getting too much of cover songs and old stuff already?

Ergo, in the end, the pessimist in me, won, and I’ve decided to just shut up about it. I know I am going to watch this film in the big screen but I would wait for the weekend instead. As I don’t want to brush elbows with a full-packed crowd. I want an almost empty movie theater. No reason.

So, I saw I Do Bidoo Bidoo last Sunday. Armed with no expectations, I breezed through the scenes and found myself in an initial slumber to a very ecstatic and tear-jerky finale.

The story is something that we don’t need to boast about as there is a lot of loose ends in the film that more questions would be asked. And instead of doing that, the best thing that we could do is to treat this film as a movie-oke.

I guess it was hard for the writers to come up with a kick-ass story to accompany APO’s music. An underage wedding, a typical heaven versus hell family along with its stereotypical class assignments, and the relationship of the three couples respectively were also standard, I guess, in a family friendly movie.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that the film is effin’ ugly. I just started and I’m setting the gear to primary.

I have to admit that the start of the film was quite stale. It lacked the needed oomph and probably the theater’s audio is quite meh. It took me two song-and-dance numbers to finally rhythmize myself with the film. I was near amused when they had a High School Musical tribute courtesy of Sam Concepcion. Other than that, the rest of the film’s SAD scenes was tremendously lovable especially the lunch scene; I think that was when they were singing Salawikain. I was probably expecting more of that.

Another downside in the film is the use of colors. I don’t know. Maybe, the clothes used didn’t jive well with the personalities of the characters in the film. Unless of course, that they’re trying to say that Domingo’s family is the happy one while the other is the uptight type; it doesn’t fit well with the portrayal. Much more with the baroque design of the “poor” house. They should’ve made it simpler. A 9 Songs poster is not apt for such film.

Google “9 Songs”, if you must.

As I go full-throttle with this “reaction paper”, I have to go with two things. First is the humor. I guess it’s hard to mix humor and a musicale. But in this case, it worked fine. You know, just to fill the void, if no one is singing any APO songs. Two scenes to watch for in this movie are: the one where they did a tribute to Ramon Bautista’s Tales From The Friend Zone and THAT LAST SCENE; I won’t spoil it but it was probably the wowest moment of 2012.

Lastly, the film clicked because it has the needed heart, at least in my vocabulary. I saw Mamma Mia and it was all meh for me even though that I am familiar with Abba songs. This one was different. I wanted to stand up inside the theater and sing. I almost bawled after watching the film. It had that overwhelming presence inside your heart that you’re not actually sure if it was the movie, the group, or their songs. Nonetheless, it was one worthwhile movie that I’ve seen this year.

I’m sure I won’t forget it. And I am willing to watch it again in the future.


~ by targrod on September 4, 2012.

6 Responses to “:: Ay, Dub Idub ::”

  1. Nice review \m/ I finally watched it and I agree; just watch it with no expectations. It’s not super ganda but it is indeed a worthwhile watch. Perfect Friday de-stresser. And I sang along too… can’t help it. 😀

    The audience actually applauded at the end of the movie. O di ba! Appreciative na din ang Pinoy audience 😀

    • salamat ma’am! and yes, nagiging appreciative na lately ang audience. i guess nakikita na nila ang difference ng supposed worthwhile movie experience against. uhm. basta. =D

      and mabuhay ka din. tuloy lang ang suporta sa pelikulang pinoy! btw, showing din yata ang bwakaw and next week, ang nawawala. astig lang ang month na ito (at pati na din ang agosto.)

      • Natuwa talaga ako kasi rarely do we experience this with the commercial movies. Pero eto, ibang klase; may loopholes but you’ll still appreciate the movie.

        Excited na ko with those movies! Di ko kasi napanood nun Cinemalaya. I’m so happy for Eddie Garcia that he got this chance. Kung meron akong pinanghihinayangan, Dolphy wasn’t able to do another remarkable movie after Markova.

      • oo nga. sayang si dolphy. yung last movie niya na napanood ko ay rosario and it was one of the finest thing dolphy did in the movies. lalong-lalo na at MMFF siya.

        i guess magandang fallback din pala ang indie films para sa mga semi-“retired” nating mga artista. at least, we still get to see them on the big screen.

        have you seen the other indie films out there na may mga veteran actors at actresses natin? maganda din yung mga yun.

      • Onga pala, Rosario! I watched that when it was shown on tv.

        It really is good fallback for them; even yung mga nawala na sa sirkulasyon like John Regala (he was in Zombadings, di ba?).

        Madami pa kong di napapanood. Buti you listed the Cinemalaya movies in your post, may reference! 😀

      • true! alam mo naman kasi ngayon sa mainstream. it’s either mauuwi ka na lang sa drama-rama sa hapon / gabi or supporting roles, once in a blue moon pa yan.

        actually, madami nang nagdaang mga magagandang non-mainstream films. from the likes of brillante mendoza’s and jerrold tarog’s works (yung mga carry pa sa lahat) or yung mga art talaga like raya martin’s or khavn dela cruz’s.

        nice talaga kung paminsan-minsan nasu-surprise mo yung sarili with these unknown filipino films.

        and i’m just happy na balik na ulit ang local films sa mundo ng pelikula. =D

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