:: casual game: songpop ::

Lately, I have been playing this oh-so-music-orgasmic game that greatly reminds me of Name That Tune and a pinch of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

They call this game: Songpop.

songpop, bidoo bidup.

The name might sound weak but it has been an addictive week for me, spending minutes to hours playing this casual game on Facebook. Oh, it’s available on Android too. So, for you Android users, I really don’t care.

The game is rather simple, you’d be given five songs on a certain genre. You outplay your opponent by getting the most number of correct answers in succession. And at the same time, you go against an opponent by having the fastest fingers, or in my case, mouse-click, first. Score is based on the succession of correct answers + FFF (or fastest-fingers first).

holy shit. kpop!

Every Sunday, all accumulated wins against an opponent is tallied. If you win, you’d get a freebie that helps you remove two possible answers during the gameplay or shuffle three given genres, per round, that you’d use against your opponent.

It is greatly addictive for all music lovers out there, especially if you are the competitive type. Other than that, it is just fun listening to new songs, and probably, just probably, it could help you increase your playlist. Just for that.

that’s not me in the image. i just nicked this from teh interwebz.

Also, I piggybacked on a thread in their forums, asking for an OPM genre; specifically, of course, for our country.

It would be nice if we stick with OPM Bands first, since we have a lot of those. And just add an OPM In General, in the future, if they approve OPM Bands.

Linky for teh songpop OPM request.

this is just a sample of the stat page.

– – – – – – – – – – –

1. Play with your strengths. Meaning if you’re good with K-pop or Glee, buy the category and use ’em as often as you want. I know there is a possibility that your opponents would shy away from you because you’re boring. Nonetheless, if the opponent wants coins, even for just one coin for every losing game, he / she would still play with you.

2. Aim for consecutive points. IF you get the first one wrong, it’s perfectly fine. But if you got the third one wrong, then, you are in deep shit.

3. Trail and win. If you’re not familiar with the category, and you think your opponent is knowledgeable with such, basing it on the number of stars that would prove if you’ve played a lot of games in that certain genre, just copy what your opponent chooses. And then, do a wild guess on the last “question”. You have a 25 percent chance of winning for this, which is not bad actually.

4. Choose weird genres. Namely, 60’s and 70’s collection. Just to balance the odds.

5. Don’t be in a hurry. Especially if you are not familiar with the genre. Take your time, if you must. Eventually, you’d memorize the start of the songs, and they would give you higher points enough to beat your pesky opponent.

6. Trash-talk. Because it’s fun.

7. And yeah, have fun.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Stupid filler is stupid. IKR.


~ by targrod on September 11, 2012.

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