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The funniest thing happened a few weeks ago when Apple won a hefty sum of suing money over Samsung. It was probably a news-maker for this year and in reality, us consumers, we really don’t care.

Well, for us people who think that Apple is just a facility that sells overpriced products with an add-on factor of coolness and awesomeness. As opposed to those people who think that Steve Jobs is God and he changed the world with how cellular phones, laptops, and tablets should look like.

Right. Like Bill Gates who initially was the devil reincarnate that eventually died down because of his philanthropist tendencies.

But seriously, last time I checked, technology should be affordable and should make everyone happy. It shouldn’t take advantage of the lowly consumer, and the gullible ones too.

Monopoly bites back hard and healthy competition is all that matters.

History could have changed if we’re stuck with industries monopolizing vehicles, video players, and even electric fans. Setting up patents to previously owned inventions is probably ingenious but downright dirty.

I hope we let the consumers decide if your products are really trustworthy, awesome, and worth it. Let us not impose our dictatorial tendencies to the people.


~ by targrod on September 14, 2012.

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