:: Happy Ones Anniversary! ::

One year. 365 (or 366) days. Anniversary.

Yes folks, you heard it right. I’m celebrating my bloggiversary.

If stupid people can coin the term, monthsary, so can I.

Anyhoo, nothing grand here. I tried to come up with something as marvelous as the Twilight saga (heh), but I opted not too. Since New Year is fast approaching and I usually do a summary of my shit that I did for the entire year.

Nonetheless, I still tried to come up with something that I’ve been saving.

And so, here is a simple wish list to our local film industry.

Just a reminder: This is no Alexis Tioseco. So, you might see babaw wishes all throughout.

Oh, you can add yours too!

01. Cheaper ticket prices especially catered for the poor, students, and the senior citizen.
02. Free screenings in barrios and barangays happily sponsored by the local government.
03. For SM to partner with any film festival, local or foreign. Remember Kasambahay Habambuhay? It worked.
04. A new Mogwai.
05. More patient and understanding real critics. Lest not alienate those who yearn for an intellectually enhanced cinema.
06. Humility to the people inside the mainstream industry. Accept film criticism. It is a must. They are not there to attack you; in fact, they do care. Or maybe you really just don’t get it.
07. Humility for our kababayans who made it big outside our country.
08. Scrutinize the entries, and even the winner, of the foreign film category in the Academy Awards.
09. Echoing what I read yesterday: minimize child actors. Cuteness is not equal to innate talent.
10. For everyone to respect the National Anthem.
11. More hipster films, please.
12. Minimize re-issues of foreign films. Why don’t we show our critically acclaimed films instead?
13. DVD releases of all Dolphy, TVJ, and Rene Requiestas films, please.
14. National Artist Award for the deserving. And can they bawi the undeserved reward too?
15. For Star Cinema to stop being Star Cinema for, at least, five of their films, per year.
16. A Vice Ganda film that doesn’t show his usual “funny” antics. Instead, make an epic, preferably a real drama, film. Para magkaalaman na kung hanggang saan siya.
17. A real Eraserheads musical. I don’t care if Khavn, Mike De Leon, or even Marie Jamora directs it.
18. A film starred by all the famous Regal Babies.
19. A mainstream, full-length film for Ramon Bautista, Tado, Lourd De Veyra, Erning, RA Rivera, and Jun Sabayton.
20. A prioritized film archiving fully funded by the government. Preserve our history.
21. More film articles from Pepe Diokno, Don Jaucian, Oggs Cruz, Dodo Dayao, and the like in all the daily broadsheet.
22. Buy original VCDs and DVDs; only if you can’t find the film in any video store. Other than that, torrent / DL away. Also, bring back the old films on Youtube; not everyone has Cinema One, you know.
23. To encourage everyone to write down, in all honesty, what they felt when they have watched a film, local or foreign. Blog it, Facebook it, Tweet it.
24. Show non-Disney/Pixar films for everyone. Last time I checked, Ghibli films were a hit too. Tagalize if you must.
25. Funding for the Indie filmmakers, to release their work on DVD. People will miss these festivals but we want to watch/re-watch your work.
26. More socially relevant or historically apt mainstream films.
27. Minimize trashy MMFF entries.
28. Or take out the income-generating films and bring back art to the festival.
29. A Cinephiles talk show.
30. A Magic Temple sequel. Or a re-hash, I don’t mind.
31. Festival “owners” should give full artistic freedom to the filmmakers.
32. A full-length animated film that doesn’t show any hints of Pixar/Disney. We did it with Metanoia already. We can do this. Tap the usual suspects from the comic book world.
33. Less humiliating copycat movie posters. Originality is the key.
34. For the mainstream PR people to stop using clichés to promote their film.
35. Use actors that can act and not abs that can act.
36. Stop remakes. We are not Hollywood. We are a creative country, make use of the new blood but don’t take advantage of them.
37. Don’t over-saturate Eugene Domingo.
38. A pay how much do you think this film is worth. The Tunnel did it, why can’t we?
39. An April film festival funded by Henry Sy.
40. A live-action of Budjette Tan’s Trese.
41. A minimum of two local films shown per week.
42. Bring back talent to the big screen.
43. Let the Gutierrez clan stay on television.
44. Force feed local films to all those who say that local films suck.
45. If The Raid: Redemption did it, I think we can create the same type and caliber.
46. English subtitles for all readily available Filipino films. And sell it globally.
47. Make local cinema and art for all social classes. And vice-versa.
48. Please change the term “camcording” to “video recording”. It is not apt.
49. Lessen CGI usage.
50. Lastly, I wish for all those people who think that the Philippine cinema is inferior, to think it all through again by watching and supporting films proudly made by their kababayans. You’d be surprised on what they can offer nowadays.


~ by targrod on September 15, 2012.

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