:: brain drain wane ::

Has this ever happened to you?

You bring your vehicle to a parking lot; almost a kilometer away from your home. You had to do this because you need higher ground to make your vehicle safe from any surprise flooding; learning from Ondoy. You did that last night and you slept it through. The moment you got up, you immediately went to the place where you parked the vehicle.

And then, it’s gone.

Much to the betterment when you think of paranoid thoughts during that short walk back to the parking lot. Like car-napping or someone towed your vehicle.

You hurriedly went back home, and you find the vehicle in your garage sitting pretty, watching the latest episode of Kuya Germ’s Walang Tulugan show.

And you ask yourself on how you could’ve missed a vehicle at your own home.

I iz getting old… errr.


~ by targrod on September 18, 2012.

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