:: Freedoom of expression ::

Don’t you hate it when these so-called lawmakers create law(s) that would actually benefit them instead of us, the people. The people who pays taxes annually. The people who can’t even decide if they needed to give out precious tax money; just because everything is freaking mandatory.

What happened with the age old for the people, by the people adage?

The recent Cybercrime Law is a big bag of bull. *and with those words, this is a probable libelous statement*

But seriously, is this really a backward country? What happened to democracy? What happened to Freedom of Expression? What if every single word said in the Internet is true and as a powerful person in the government and the social class, you have the right to bite back by hitting this person with libel.

I don’t get it. Why are they entitled for immunity of criticism wherein they are public servants? In a way, we are paying them to do their jobs well, comments / constructive criticism / hate shit included.

What happened to the supposed bills that we should focus for the meantime? The ones where we are talking about the majority and the marginalized. Why create a bill for a certain few?

In fact, the bill itself is stupid. Simply put, why did they create a bill that they are not entirely familiar with. What happened to the supposed specifics? You can’t just say that someone is saying out libelous statements to another person if that person didn’t even write it. Anyone can write someone else’s name in any comment box in the Internet. You can’t prove it. Even with all the technicalities that you’d probably use. It will still not work.

People can make dummy accounts. People can make dummy email address. It is that simple.

Also, think of it this way. For instance, I told a beautiful girl that she’s ugly. Is this a libelous statement, even if it’s not true? Now, if I told an ugly girl that she’s ugly, would it be libelous too? In Filipino, that is still paninirang-puri plus European people would probably say that you’re wrong. Ergo, that is libel.

Stupid people could really come up with stupid laws. Aye.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Nakakalungkot lang talaga at ‘yan ang inuunang mga laws dito sa Pilipinas. Nawala na bigla ang FOI Bill. Pati ang RH Bill, dedma na lang din siguro.

At mababaw lang ang argument ko. Kasing-babaw ng pinasang bill na hindi naman talaga pinag-aralan kundi dahil may vested interest lang naman.

For more insights, drop by Raissa Robles’ blog too.


~ by targrod on September 19, 2012.

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