:: Nawawala: Take 2 ::

So, I watched Ang Nawawala (again) last Tuesday and it still feels the same. The awesomeness of the film reverberated throughout my skin. And I actually cried again with scenes that doesn’t give that feel. It was worth the watch (again) along with 20 other movie-goers inside Cinema 12 of SM Megamall. I actually had a choice to watch The Raid: Redemption on the big screen but the love to Ang Nawawala is still squee-worthy.

I actually wrote a short reaction paper for this film months ago; during the peak of Cinemalaya. This time, I took down notes and took notice of my favorite things and scenes in the film. And so,

11 Things. I love about Ang Nawawala:

1. Hi5MoFo!!!

2. Kakaba-kaba Ka Ba? poster. A very biased choice since Mike De Leon is made of pure love.

3. I love Marc Abaya’s character in this film. He is the epitome of the loser but still lovable boyfriend. Funny thing is love is really blind. There was even a hint of pregnancy for the sister in the film. Would you believe that Abaya’s character can actually still conceive a child? LOL-much.

4. The Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Enid. Rarely, I would see such a character in Filipino films. Usually, the nearest that we would get is as close as a Toni Gonzaga Star Cinema character. But this time, it was a well-developed character, noteworthy of your usual Zooey Deschanel persona in films. And the thing is, I have a love-hate relationship with this clichéd type of character. I really wanted to punch Enid at the latter part of the film. I know we could’ve met an Enid in our lives and the best thing that we could do is to leave it as such. Meaning, just make it a good memory and throw away all the bad.

5. When they first touched. I would just like to extend my love for scenes that involve the bida and the MPDG. It was a truly kilig moment to listen to an old vinyl song while their arms accidentally touch.

6. Headphone scene or the second kilig scene. The one where they introduce the tunnel smoke. Where they almost kiss at first and then pushed it to a MOMOL extraordinaire. It was one of those moments where it felt like there was a collision fusion of two worlds. Trying to understand each other’s differences. Of course, there’s the music too. But the scene itself was a worthwhile experience.

7. Last scene. The one with Dawn Zulueta. People can actually debate whether what happened in this scene was effective, as the closing moments of the film. Should they have just taken out the bida’s final words? Or the scene’s answer for the film’s hypothetical question approach effective? Personally, it was best to just give closure to the film. I mean, it was hipster film anyway. So, why complicate?

8. Ang Bandang Shirley + Flying Ipis + Hana+Gabi or the OPM scene. Pucha, OPM is not dead! Tangina.

9. Bida Doing Drugs scene. It was clear for me to understand finally that every time the bida smokes pot, he gets to talk to his dead twin brother; inside his mind, of course. It paved way for the philosophical aspects of the film and it was actually well-executed even if the scenes weren’t that much. In a sense, where they would just throw 2 to 3 lines per scene. And imagine, SM showed a druggie scene to their cinema. Love.

10. APO’s Ano Ang Ibig Mong Sabihin. I know you loved this scene too. Kamown kamown. Sing-along time!

11. Minsan scene. Seriously, can you not love this particular scene? It must have been a dream to see this on the big screen. Imagine, you with your barkada, making tambay in a convenience store. Then suddenly, you hear Minsan playing on the background. Typically, I would sing along with the song. But this scene, sealed the deal. Air drums, baby!

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