:: Top11: X Files ::

This month is quite different. The movies watched has currently dwindled down to 19 films, as of press time. As I have feasted on television shows that are waiting for their turn to please me. The greatest time-eater is the hit science fiction tv show, The X-Files. Actually, I was almost finished with the fourth season and today, the sixth season bug is now biting me.

Fo sho, I am getting back to the movie world after I finish the X-files marathon. And with that, this brilliant mind (weh) came up with an awesome (stupid) idea. If the X-files people started its tenth season today, what are the possible topics that they would come up per episode. And so,

11 Things. Suggested tenth season episodes of X-files:

1. The Gangnam Style dance is actually the mating ritual of aliens. Yes, Psy is an alien. And Carly Rae Jepsen is the daughter of the devil.

2. Alan Bantiles or the CSA-gun-toting-dad is the new Manchurian Candidate.

3. Tito Sotto is the pawn of Manny Pacquiao. The Pac-man uses a real-life Cerebro.

4. Vice Ganda is a suckyoubois.

5. Enrile is a real-life vampire. The name Enrile in Latin is Cullen.

6. And Trillanes is a real-life werewolf. The name Trillanes in Burugurutuktuk is Gemora.

7. Charice Pempengco is a real-life metamorphagus patterned after Nymphadora Tonks. Charice failed the initial test. She was watching The Bride of Chucky while doing the exam.

8. GMA is a real-life oompah-loompah who never ate anything in Willy Wonka’s kingdom.

9. Indonesian officials ‘inception’ great bands such as The Cardigans and Weezer to play in their country. And hinders them to play in an awesome music place such as Manila.

10. China is using its decoying tactics against these Asian countries so that they could do research on the Periwinkle liquid (not black, that’s so nineties) that they found in the waters of the West Philippine Sea and the West Japanese Sea.

11. Madame Auring is the Pinoy Chupacobra Chupacabra.


~ by targrod on September 25, 2012.

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