:: dare bully thee? ::

With all the shit that is happening in this country, you’d wonder why everything is happening and why we can’t stop, stop it. Is it with the increasing number of ignorant and stupid netizens? Is it with the really loose definition of democracy in the interwebz? Or the idea of being cool in a place where only ten percent knows you personally.

Are we at fault here? Or the easier justification that anyone can use the Internet as opposed to education in this country?

I think cyber-bullying played a big part on that libel brouhaha. People such as the oh-so-positive Sharon Cuneta, had her share of the nasties. Much more to the recent Internet “greats” such as the DPWH people, Chris Lao, Claudine Barretto and friends (pop reffing Lotlot and Friends), Robert Carabuena, Alan Bantiles, and even Tito Sotto’s nephew. And the best way to stop it, in the eyes of people who were greatly affected by it, is to censor the Internet.

But it would be really hard for most people, especially to those who blurt their hearts out, to shut up in your very own Room of Requirement. It is sometimes sad to see people, say shitty things on your timeline or even those instances where religion and / or politics’ ideas and idealism would clash, losing “friends” in the process.

Seriously, lose friendship over politics? I mean, if it’s religion, I would probably get it. Simply put, religion is respect and politics is a fucking circus.

Today’s technology is simply dangerous. People has the power to record videos and create “funny” and inane images that does not prohibit anyone from thinking, “If I post this, would people find this offensive?”



Fo sho, there are three things that I’ve greatly noticed on why these entities were cyber-bullied.

1. Plasticity. Seriously. Especially to all the celebrities out there. Take a hint. This is the real deal. Gone are people who constantly sniff and lick your asses. This is the real place to listen. Internet is your real critic. Harsh as it may, a break or make for your own character building. I admire the celebrities who can show and strut their real stuff in the Interwebz. And to those peeps who knows how to use the tool. Remember that the Interwebz is a chismis tool. If we found two bickering parties, we cook popcorn and we enjoy the show. Just like in the movies.

2. Stupidity. The best form comes from those people who have the so-called higher attributes in the society. Lawyer, manager, people with power, you name it. This is to remind everyone that eyes are everywhere. Think before you act. React within reason. And be smart. Most of the names mentioned above definitely deserve cyber-bullying but it doesn’t remove the fact where people tend to go overboard. The Interwebz is a mean society only if you go against the smart and feeling intellectual.

3. Sense of Entitlement. Such as being a bully (too) or just plain mayabang. This is probably the cream of the crop of the bad apples and we can’t really stop people in doing this. There are lots of arrogant creatures out there that cyber-bullying is the best way to get even if we weren’t the aggrieved party. I guess we just don’t want to see oppression and we instantly feel what we usually see. Is this justifiable? Today’s standard is a resounding yes. Call me a meanie but I hate being oppressed by people who thinks that they have the right to do what they can or what they want.

The effects of the Interwebz is character building. If you plan to be a mean girl, check your surroundings first. We are watching you.


~ by targrod on October 5, 2012.

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