:: give up tomorrow ::

I have always had this notion that somehow, somewhere in this country, justice prevails. With the recent events, justice prevailed in such a sense that it was the people who gave their final say and not the supposed people who decides if what they’re doing is wrong. Personally, it never worked well for us. I won’t go into details but it has something to do with connections and money.

And that’s why it’s hard to fight law versus law nowadays, lady justice in our mother land is peeking through the blindfold.

Give Up Tomorrow is a heavy documentary film by Michael Collins. The brainchild, Marty Syjuco, is a kin of the accused. The story goes about The Chiong Sisters’ murder and disappearance in the nineties. Seven “culprits” were accused, Paco Larranaga was one of them, kin of Syjuco. The movie conveys what seems to be a one-sided trial filled with objectionable and unconstitutional proceedings, statements that would make your mouth agape, and surprising decisions from the highest positions in this country.

But at the back of my mind, I’ve always believed that our justice system is fair. After seeing this, I have doubts on what this country is capable of. How the powerful keep up what they usually do and how can they do things that would go their way. Sometimes it is pure self-serving while it can also be ass-saving since lives are usually in danger if they rejected their requests. There is a “reward” for doing such questionable doing.

Watching the documentary might actually put the justice system at risk since the film is one-sided, in a way. It may be subjective in all senses, because in hindsight that is what the filmmaker wants to tell the audience, but given the scenes in the film, they are probably right. In a sense, they are just being objective and they are just exposing the truth.

I wanted to cry while watching the injustices that this family had endured in almost two decades of their lives. I was praying that this should have just been an ordinary episode of C.S.I. But no, that was not the case, which makes the whole film scary. It might happen to anyone with good moral values and with ample amount of evidence that makes the accused go innocent.

I wish that this film paves way to a better justice system. Everyone should watch this and first, be lucky on what we have in our lives, and second, support the injustices that this country achieves.

And the title of the film struck me the most, it applies to everyone actually. If you lost your will today, why don’t you just give up tomorrow instead?


~ by targrod on October 8, 2012.

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