:: Gishwhes: Thank You ::

Item # 94. Paint a large unicorn on a military transport truck. You MUST have permission to do so. (This is not from our team, just nicked it from Tumblr. Awesome!)

GISHWHES 2012 is finally done and all participants can actually go back to their lives. Yes, a return to normalcy. But it does not end there. There are probably a thousand-and-one stories floating all-around the Interwebz waiting to be read, flourished, and commented. And please allow me to tell my story of what happened to that week of beautiful mayhem (I will post this tomorrow).

Before anything else, the most important part for this journal entry, is the appreciation. Our appreciation; to all those who have helped my team with a supposed unnecessary but delightful journey.

Starting with my teammates: The KULE (or Kimshilala United Loves Ewan Team) Pinoy contingent – Jovan, John, Trish, Ana, Dekya (all the way from the U.S.), and Giselle (all the way from Australia). And our French counterparts – Leslie, Emilie, Solene, Benoit, Theo, Clotilde, Remy, and Lea. This might be really subjective but this year, I was too lucky to be part of a team with kick-ass and boast-worthy entries. Taking part in a community-building competition is something to be proud of. And the funny thing is we create art in the process too. Being part of GISHWHES, cliché as it may sound, makes all of us winners. Going to Scotland is only a bonus. I am really proud of my team. *sniff-sickles*

To Rej Rosero, Oneal Rosero, Niki Yarte, Paul Catiang, Carlo Oriel, Duday Pinca, Pam and Ryan Amburgo, Jon Sideno, Mary Ann Marchadesch, Urim Hernandez, Dante Gagelonia, Myna Sabado, Danielle Lingat, Paola Cortes, Xander, Team Trish (Regina, Lyra, Mark), Camille Isleta, Mark Ku, John Chun, and Dexter, for the kick-ass help that you’ve provided. Our team would be nothing without these wonderful individuals.

To those who extended their help such as Ina Ocampo, ze niece Tala Wong, and Rhix Yray, thank you for the kind gesture(s).

To those whom I inquired such as Mark, Paolo, Rona, and Abby Sanchez, thank you.

And to those people whom I pestered, forcibly asked, and / or private messaged in any of the networking sites, thank you for your help. Yes, you, the pledge peeps, thank you so much for the pledges. I hope that you’d still keep your promise / pledge and do it. Come on, guys. Let us make this world a better place. Share the love. Share the random act of kindness.

To bebebebebe, for the support. =)

– – – – – – – – – – –

I’m not sure if I mentioned everyone already; just in case I didn’t, thank you.

I will post another GISHWHES story tomorrow. Weeeeee!

~ by targrod on November 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “:: Gishwhes: Thank You ::”

  1. OMG

  2. yung snakes madami. yung blimp wala pa kong nakikita. =D

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