:: GISHWHES 2012 Experience(s) ::


I do get it when I heard that there was a lot of complaints this year. It is possible since the items are hard to do as compared to last year when all you need to work with is to buy a vuvuzuela and hum the Eye Of The Tiger. Coming from Misha, et al, I think they did it right since there were 15 people in one team. In short, you just need teamwork and a collective strain of hand extensions to finish the job. Remember that GISHWHES is not a lazy man’s game. You have to work your butt of, put your game face on, and accept the challenges as it is.

You don’t need to be a millionaire to do all the challenges except for a few. A luxurious few, that needs a lot of begging and persuasion. Or even a pool of money just to send you up high in the sky and show a sign, while jumping off a plane.

Personally, I was a bit overwhelmed with the items in the list. I realized that this time, I actually needed help from a teammate to complete a task.

Also, I can’t tell stories of items made by my teammates. I can only relay stories of items that I had a hand in.



#73. [IMAGE] Break your own world record.

Semi-lame. But it’s just a way to boast our Guinness Record that we achieved in GISHWHES 2011. Hee hee.

And I do hope we break the record, again. Just to get the 20 points for this item.

#15. [IMAGE] Five parking tickets made out to the same license plate on the same day in the same municipality.

And so, I did some parking hopping at the Araneta Center last week. I now know the look and feel of most of the parking lots in this area of Cubao. Extra lucky in a sense that it was a holiday and problems with parking is not a bitch. Oh, Gateway has to change their ticketing system! Damn, Gateway. I wasted my time there since they didn’t offer any information-friendly parting ticket. “Dear Gateway officials. In lieu of what transpired with GISHWHES 2012, I abnormally ask you to go Neanderthal with your parking system. Dammit. Love-lots.”

#69. [IMAGE] You and a friend must take at least 50 of your stuffed animals/dolls on a field trip to a grocery store. All of the stuffed animals/dolls must EITHER be attached to your clothing or in a grocery cart or both.

The fear of getting shooed away by the Shopwise security is heightened especially when we saw a sign that says “no picture-taking”. It took us a lot of tries for this. Fortunately, we were able to take a shot without getting jailed by the Shopwise wardens.

Plus, I can’t put my name in danger, in case we were brought to the Shopwise jail. Personal issues.

#71. [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Sculpt your hair with gel, wires, tape, ornaments, animals, and whatever else into what someone would undoubtedly have to classify as the Most Epic Hair Hat the World Has Ever Seen (MEHHWHES)

Props to Camille Isleta for doing this. As my team-mate said, “the candle fits well with the backdrop.” Good job and thank you for pledging. I am expecting you to do GISHWHES next year!

#131. [VIDEO] Recode a version of the original Pac Man so that the ghosts are now unicorns and Pac Man is the face of George Bush. Then play a game.

I spent days looking for an easy way to finish this. So, a whole-hearted thanks to Mark Ku who guided me in this challenge. It was definitely not an easy task. I really should start learning Java, it might come in handy. (Thanks to Jovan, for doing this!)

#135. [VIDEO] A man wearing traditional mariachi attire playing “Guitar Hero”.

The video looks meh worthy but it took awhile for us to finish this. Just because we can’t find a mariachi hat in the metro. But with Trish’s eagle-eye for shopping, she found one in Market, Market. And voilà!

I would like to thank my wardrobe. For Mary Ann’s red flower and Jovan’s and Trish’s mad skillz. Waddup!

#142. [IMAGE] Hurricane Item – Pun item: It’s called “Hurricane Sandy” for a reason. Show us why.

Just because.

A last-minute submission.

#5. [IMAGE] Let’s see what Twister would look like with 13 people. Each person must be wearing only one color of clothing, i.e. all yellow, or all red and no two people can be wearing the same color clothing.

It took us more than an hour to finish this item. Just because it is a bitch if there are only 13 of you. Meaning we had to do a cam-whore or a timed shot just to finish this task. Plus the fact that we needed to show that there were really 13 of us in the picture. I assure you, this was not a walk in the park, but it was definitely a memorable experience. Twister is definitely a bitch. I curse you.

And can actually distinguish our smells from one another. Fascinating.

#110. [PHOTO] Let’s see your family dress and pose and create the “Worst Family Holiday Card Ever”. Note: everyone must be holding a cucumber.

Initially, I had some dilemma when we finished shooting this scene because GISHWHES needed a video. It might take some time for me to edit and add spice to the short video. I was surprised when Ana told me that this was a photo challenge.

It was probably a coincidence that I tinkered around online photo collages and was lucky enough to find an appropriate layout for this photo entry.

I would like to thank Ana and her family (especially the hubby) for sparing ten minutes of their time (actually, it was less). And to her cute son who kept on throwing the cucumber near me.

#26. [IMAGE] Proof that a team member’s family tree leads to Genghis Khan.

I had no hand in this. I just want to post it here. Look at my family up to my Casanova ancestor, GK. See? I’m ravishing! (awesome ideas from Trish and Jovan. astig.)

#115. [VIDEO] Three of you dress up like frogs and play “leapfrog” in your local Starbucks or chain coffee shop. We must see patrons and must hear “Ribbit!” each time you leap.

There was no need to do a re-shoot of this item. Us looking silly in frog masks was what we needed.

And Urim being extra cautious with his leapfrog skill, just to avoid hitting our heads in the process. Heh. (thanks to niki and urim! and to the barista who allowed us to do our stuff.)

#32. [IMAGE] Fifteen children in Halloween costumes each holding up a sign with a different letter that, combined, say “GISHWHES or Treat”

Spending hundreds of pesos, just to bribe kids, is what GISHWHES is all about.

Siriusly, I actually had a fun time doing this. I thought this is a lost cause since Trick or Treating is not really an integral part of Filipino culture. Thanks to Mary Ann, who lives in a posh village, we were able to take a picture of this crazy experience. Imagine my horror (just kidding), when the kids almost jumped on me when I was handing out their candies. Okay, I was teary-eyed after I did this. Don’t tell anyone. (thanks to Mary Ann and Carlo for the assistance)

#102. [VIDEO] Jog in real “Pumpkin shoes” (you may substitute any squash or gourd), wearing jogging shorts and headphones down a busy sidewalk.

I had such a nice time doing this at the sidewalk of Shopwise Cubao. I never knew that running “uphill” while wearing squash shoes was one of the hardest things I did for GISHWHES.

And with that, I am going to contact Nike or Converse to make stylized pumpkin shoes for everyone. Just because. (thanks to Urim for taking the vid.)

#107. [VIDEO] A man and a woman in full wedding attire, standing perfectly still holding hands in a well-lit crowded public space for 20 minutes. Neither of you can move. This submission must be time-lapsed so the entire 20 minutes is condensed to 20 seconds — fast motion.

It was pure luck. Everything was pure luck when we planned this item. A hectic schedule from the couple in the video. Good thing they had free time last Saturday and we were able to shoot this in Ortigas.

I have a renewed respect to the boys in blue (or the MMDA peeps) who accommodated us in the area. We actually told them that it was a pre-nup shoot (I had to lie, to shorten the dialogue) and they obliged. They even asked us if we wanted to remove the motorcycles and I informed them that they were the integral part of the shoot, which was true to the bone.

And the best thing about the so-called pre-nup shoot, there was a couple who asked us if it was okay to do a real photo shoot while we were doing the video. (thanks again to am and ryan for this. such a lovely couple.)

#122. [VIDEO] Dress in a homemade GISHWHES cheerleader outfit and stand outside a metro station or office building and cheer people on going in to work.

Where and when should I start with this item? Hhhmmm.

There are no words to describe the audacity and awesomeness of what we did in this area of Araneta Center.

To sum it up, these words came from a fly by car, “You look stupid!”

Yes, we know, dear sir. We know.

Oh, and originally, I should’ve been the cheerleader. I was spared this time. (thanks to Niki for this. really!)

#45. [IMAGE] Let’s see your team displayed like the “Brady Bunch” opening credits except there are 3 rows of 5 pictures (versus the 3X3 we know from the “Brady Bunch” opening credits points). The submission must be 1 image with the 15 frames in it. Each of you must be wearing 70s attire and must look VERY emotionally unbalanced.

Again, I just want to post this one here. It was a team effort and sucky for me, two people actually informed me that I look like George Estregan. Dammit.

#70. [IMAGE] Recreate the snake’s seduction of Eve at a bus stop. Fig leaf, apple, snake, etc.

One of our best photo shoots just because Niki, our Eve, was brave enough to show his au natural in front of the riding public. The best thing is about this, just imagine, you had a very long and tiring ride coming from Bicol. And then, you get out of  the bus and you see us doing a photo shoot. Priceless.

And to add the fact that Niki’s undies were peeking below the dress. Hilarious or scary? You be the judge. (also, thanks to Urim as “the tree”)

#106. [VIDEO] Film a Random Act of Kindness and set it to music. (May be up to 90 seconds.) Must include voice over.

It was just a last-minute entry from our team. We were too busy doing the other tasks that we almost forgot checking this off the item list. Luckily, we were able to come up with a fruitful idea and it went like this: we needed a vendor (balut, taho, etc), we buy everything from him/her, and then, we do the <item> party.

I guess the hard part in this was to make everything look natural from the people around you. Filipinos tend to shy away from a video camera, that’s why I had to do a belly shot in the process; plus the fact that it is a public place and to avoid any problems.

Good thing that it happened in a FX station and it was somewhat easy for me to start a balut party. A wonderful balut party.

And yes, Nanay Ning, I will visit you again soon. I will buy balut from you.

Awesome script from Trish and awesome voice-over from Giselle. I iz in an awesome team. Woot!



There were un-submitted and planned items too. For this, it goes to the “It would’ve…” section:

A photo of someone using one of those ancient 1800s cameras — you know the ones with the wooden tripod and the black cloth — taking a photo of a commodore 64 computer that’s resting on a wooden stool.

It would’ve been awesome to do this, only if we had a commodore 64 computer. A friend informed me that he knows a friend who has an ancient 1800 camera.

– Get your team name and “GISHWHES” on a billboard. Must include commercial-looking graphics, and must be at least 100 square feet on an actual, commercial billboard.

It would’ve been awesome to see our team name in public, only if we had enough money to do this. Plus, the fact that it was a holiday week. I contacted a LED Billboard company. Still no reply from them, I wonder why. =)

– Calendar item: Wear cheese and wear it well. You cannot be wearing anything but cheese. You may use any type of cheese you wish. Supermodel it posed next to or on a classic car (a classic car is any car that predates 1980)

It would’ve been awesome to do this but cheese is expensive in our country.

– A man in a chicken suit in the pilot seat of a commercial jet.

It would’ve been fun to shoot this in Villamor airbase. Lying somewhere is a decommissioned commercial jet, as I asked this from my cousin’s husband, who is a pilot. Plus, we needed a chicken suit.

– Create a public chalk art piece diagramming Kant’s categorical imperative.

It would’ve been easy to do this if we had the extra time to do some research on Kant. Alas, we kant do it.

– What would you and your friend look like if you were a human-sized burrito and taco standing side by side?

It would’ve been easy to do this, only if the stores were open last week. We were raring to do this already but we had to set this aside to prioritize on the other items. Imagine doing this at Mexicali. Heh.

– Stand next to a REAL Olympic gold or silver medal winner. They must have their arms upraised in victory but you must be biting on the medal while it’s around their neck. Must include medal winner’s name in the photo.

It would’ve been awesome to have a meet and greet with Onyok Velasco. Sadly, my FB comment was ignored. *sigh*

– High Tea – a formal tea party replete with parasols, silverware and a string quartet situated in a junkyard or garbage dump.

It would’ve been awesome to see this, only if the people who had the string instruments were free. Everyone’s busy last week. Boo.

– Paint a large unicorn on a military transport truck. You MUST have permission to do so.

It would’ve been wonderful to do this. I asked an army friend and he told me that it takes months for an approval. Dammit, army, Y U SO SERIOUS?

– The “Lydia Easter”: Recreate a scene from your favorite movie. Hold on, not so fast! You must film this scene in the EXACT SAME LOCATION that it was filmed in the movie (same bus stop, restaurant, park, castle, shark’s belly, etc.) The actors must be dressed the same, same props, etc. The more identical the scene the more points you will receive. Extra points for depicting a scene from one of Lydia’s favorite movies: “Mao’s Last Dancer” or any of the “Harry Potter” movies. (2 minutes)

It would’ve been adventurous of us if we did a scene from The Bourne Legacy. So, I watched that scene in Pasay Rotonda, it was not as easy as it looks. And I was ready to reprise the role of Jeremy Renner. Boo that.

– The first meeting of an adopted child with their biological parent. We will know if this is staged with “actors”. Don’t lie — bad karma is not a good thing.

It would’ve been touching to do this, only if we got to do this last week. A friend texted me yesterday if we were still doing this. Too late.

– Wearing swim flippers and a mask, approach a complete stranger in a public space and then hand them a “seaweed bouquet” with one flower in the middle of it.

It would’ve been easy to do this if we could easily acquire a swim flipper. I promise to take up diving next year! Hahaha.

– A mechanical catapult that sends a pumpkin more than 100 feet across an open field. MUST be mechanical.

It would’ve been wonderful to do this, only if we still had funds. I actually bought a saw and a hammer already. Alas, those rappelling “rope(s)” were quite expensive. Plus, I had work. No moar time for this.

– Give a psychic reading to a psychic with a crystal ball.

My mom’s a psychic! Dammit.

– Get a full church choir (in a church!) to sing a 30 second remixed version of Willow Smit’s “I whip my hair back and forth.” But there’s a catch: Unlike the original version, which is an assault on both the senses and humanity itself, this rendition actually has to be musical and moving.

It would’ve been moving to do this, only if everyone was free that week.

– Get an orchestra in a symphony hall with at least 25 instruments to play “Carry On My Wayward Son”.

It would’ve been wonderful to see any Filipino orchestra do this. Will you do a random acts for us next year? =)

– A rock band performing in front of an audience of at least 1000 people. They must say at the microphone, “This next one is a new song. We’ve never played it in front of a live audience before. It’s going to be the first song on our next album and we hope you love it…” And then they must sing the song “Three Blind Mice” in rounds.

It would’ve been awesome to see Jay of Kamikazee do this in front of a mosh pit. Sadly, their Music Museum gig was non-existent. Thanks to Erlyn, by the way, for this. It was almost item.

– Get your (1) team name or a team member’s full name and (2) GISHWHES mentioned on a broadcast television news program.

And it would’ve been awesome to see our team name in any of the news programs, but a Tweet from Lourd De Veyra saying, “WALA NA PONG SAPUL SA SINGKO. MATAGAL NA” was not expected. I decided not to push with this item.

– – – – – – – – – –

I am not sure if I could still do GISHWHES next year. Let’s see. Let us see.

Also, we are cooking up with something. It’s not that big but it would be possible for you to see all of our team’s entries. Stay tuned!


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  1. with all the pictures and the story… i have this insanely one question. where can i buy that twister game? haha Thanks!

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