:: i’m a wallflower ::

Father time is really taking a toll on my wondrous human behavior, or not. Aside from “tolling”, it may also constitute as “trolling”. As I am currently backup-ing all my past blog entries in Multiply, there is really a great sense of change in my well-being, thunderous personality, and perspectives in life; which is in 5D, by the way.

There was an obvious change after what happened to us in September of 2009. I became more recluse, different, and extra cautious on my extra-half-human-half-elfling affairs. I’ve accepted that people are people, not the clothing store, and there is a limit to what they can / have to offer. It’s part of growing up and I’m sure everyone can relate to this. But it is never bad to trust on what people can do. I am probably just paranoid, in a good way, or extra vigilant with the people around me.

I guess it’s not bad to become a wallflower at times, or even just a follower, even if you know that you can lead a group. It’s fascinating at times to see people rising up, and hoping that they’d fall flat on their buttocks.

Just kidding.

Think of it this way, it is the time for the so-called proactive bunch. And I should accept that what they are doing is positive for the group amidst a different way or approach to the situation.

Again, it is not bad. Things are just different.

In layman’s term, such as, just to get noticed in a chat room or in a group, you have to give the most noticeable remark, doesn’t matter if it’s witty or not; enough for you to receive private chats from people, hoping to spend two hours with you talk about the latest episodes of Star Smile Factory or Eye To Eye. Nowadays, you just have to post a very annoying update in Facebook or a very what-the-fuck-worthy Tweet and you’d resolve the basic need of a homo sapien. Some / most people are still KSP (read: sociable) nowadays, only the media have changed.

I really should bring the word, adjustment, back to my world. Things are a-changin’, my panties are a-removin’.

Self-realization is always a bunch of bull for other people. But dude, who cares? This is your own world. If they can’t take your shit, throw it at them. Heh.


~ by targrod on November 13, 2012.

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