:: bring ’em back! ::

Is it really too soon for a TGIS Reunion?

Come on! You don’t know what TGIS is? It’s one of the most awesomest shows back in the nineties. I practically grew up watching this show, a weekend staple. And it was actually cool back then as it was able to deviate the viewers from your usual That’s Entertainment fix, whereas it was obviously cool at one time but turned jologs probably due to the host whose idol is probably Elton John when it comes to clothing.

For the record, there are no clamors for a TGIS Reunion. Pauso ko lang ito.

But I do want to see a reunion, a sensible one. The re-introduction of the characters and where they are right now. If I remember it correctly, channel 2 did it with Gimik.

Well, you can’t really miss some its stars as they actually penetrated the showbiz industry. With the likes of real talents such as Angelu De Leon and Bobby Andrews. Even Dingdong Dantes; you can almost see him everywhere. He’s of the younger batch by the way.

But I want to see Red Sternberg back at the screen. Along with Raven Villanueva and Idelle Martinez (actually kahit sila na lang, kras ko sila, atin-atin lang a. hahahaha!)

You can’t even miss these oh-so-familiar names: Rica Peralejo, Michael Flores, Onemig Bondoc, Ciara Sotto, Jake Roxas, Kim De Los Santos, Aiza Marquez, Antoinette Taus, Maui Taylor, Anne Curtis, Sunshine Dizon, Polo Ravales, Maybelline dela Cruz, and Chubi Del Rosario.

Oh, a little trivia, if you would scan the names of the female cast, most of them took their clothes off on-screen. Why? Because that’s the TGIS way. =)

They can troll the Star Cinema people too. They can use the following title: “The Real Reunion”. Just to trump over that sucky SC film showed earlier this year.

Make it early, make it soon. We don’t want to see the sagging boobs, este faces of these (mostly) talented individuals.

Hey producers, I know you want it (want it want it, i’m sexy and i know it).


~ by targrod on November 15, 2012.

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