:: ’tis the season ::

I can’t believe a corporation duped me years ago (around 3 to 4 years ago, followed by 2 consecutive years of it — magulo ba? hindi, ikaw ang magulo. dahil ang angular vector ng jellyfish na nakatingin sa aurora borealis ay makakatikim ng tomato and custard cake sa ika-21 ng Disyembre. see. ikaw talaga ang magulo). It was fascinating during its first year of ‘promo’ until the so-called service dwindles into a mere compilation filled with images, numbers, and words.

And the method of trade is coffee.

Oh, you know what I am talking about. You could’ve collected large amounts of stickers and caffeine, hoping to get the prize at the end. And you would use it as a status symbol telling everyone that you actually drank large amounts of coffee in the shortest span of time, shorter than an attention span of the so-called techie generation of today.

I admit I was one of those people who raced and fought elbow-to-elbow with other social climbers coffee drinkers hoping I could still get the desired color of planner, as I am truly afraid that I would whine with sadness if I got the one with the red cover.

I have no defense in this but I can still say, with false pride, that I used the planner from day 1 until the time where I would spend large amounts of money for fireworks.

I also still remember the glistening eyes of my office-mate when she found out that I got a planner. It was as if I found gold in the Philippines (that’s a Jean-Claude Van Damme reference. or is it Steven Seagull?).

Luckily for this writer, things have changed. I found the Witty Will Save The World Planner, which is an awesome and hilarious piece of personal equipment IMHO, last year and I got an above-average planner this year, the price is still almost exorbitant but it has that feel of the above-mentioned planner.

Up until now it is a mystery to me on how they were able to invite people to buy a minimum of 20 orders of coffee for a measly planner. And they even have this add-on that they would donate part of their earnings to an institution.


I guess my saving grace is my friend, mister lactose intolerant. I am so happy I have you. You closed my door to these so-called coffee shops. And as an added bonus, with all the money that I will save from an almost spending ordeal, I could keep it for savings or I could be the one to donate to my preferred charity. In this case, I’d rather give it to the scholars of the Morning Rush (non-shameless plugging).

I won’t be ensnared with it again. Unless, of course, if someone treats me to one, I’m all ears, yo!


~ by targrod on November 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “:: ’tis the season ::”

  1. Ey, Targrod! You’re ruling TMR for two straight days ah! Nice! 😀

    I’ve been collecting these planners for years but this year, I made a solemn promise that I will not get one. 😀 Or at least not RUSH to get one; and I’m getting one that’s not from that coffee shop. 😉

    Have you read SWN’s post on that? Hilarious! …Yung comments. hahaha!


    • hihihi.

      that is actually a first for me. and i’m so happy that chico chose my suggestions for two days straight!

      parang si piolo lang. straight! =D

      i read some of the comments already and it feels that we all share the same sentiments. the fad has passed and the latecomers, well, may fine sila. hehe.

      i haven’t read much of anyone else’s entries for the past two months.

      maghahabol ako. haha!

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