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There is a lot of things I want to say, divulge, and shout to the highest of the highest but twenty-three thousand rhinos are stopping me from doing it. Actually, it’s twenty-two thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine since one of ’em is currently vacationing, and surfing, in Baler.

‘ya know, Baler? ‘yung friend ni Amyr sa Okay Ka Fairy Ko.

Same goes to all those peeps who’d think that they know you based on what you usually say on the Interwebz.

Funny thing is people are complaining a lot on how people are judging them while they say and sell their souls, for that simple thing called ‘voice heard’ or if you’re annoying: KSP. And this mission-vision is usually for peeps who aren’t really familiar with the rules of the web.

Yes, there are rules. I actually carved the whole amendment on my back using a .3 mechanical pencil bought in Recto.

– – – – – – – – – – –

In other news, this is probably a bitch-fit week or a complain-week for me. As I will complain things that I’ve experienced recently and would want to tell the world of the shit that I persistently patience(d); whatever that means. To add, I should’ve wrote about this / these, weeks / months ago. But the positive experience(s) definitely trumped these happiness-leechers.

Let me start with East-West Bank.

A year ago, I got a letter from them, that I “won” (squee) a credit-card from them. Simply put, they applied a CC for me (how sweet). So, I simply called them to cancel the CC.

Boy, that was some fucking mistake.

The CSR, CSR’d me by asking me to just keep the card and probably, I might use it in the future. In good faith, I said yes but, AFAIK and for the life of me, I don’t remember an aye for the activation of the CC.

So, last week, I got a letter from the bank, telling me to pay the annual fee. Oh okay, an annual fee. Wait, whut? A fucking annual fee?

Wow. Such a wonderful scheme for these people. I am sure, this one hurts more than an annal sex (see what I did there? heh.)

I complained to the CSR last Friday and she told me that their department would try to look into it (yeah, right. ginawa pa kong gago.) I know in the end, I will pay for that shit-fuck annal fee.

And probably, just probably, while “asking” the CSR to cancel the CC, I’d probably hear her give me more sales talk from their ‘effin company.

It was fun to tell her that their company is stealing money from us, the unknowing consumer. And meyn, this is a surefire ‘lesson learned’.

It’s such a shit that we, the consumers, aren’t protected by these CC bank schemes.


~ by targrod on November 19, 2012.

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