:: “happy” holidays, everyone ::

I think I got it wrong when I said yesterday that this would be a complaint week.

I don’t think it’s fair for me, and my unforgiving obsession for Katy Perry and Creed (heh), to just announce, in the whole world, that I am unnaturally pissed off from things that should be ignored and forgiven. But not forgotten, definitely not forgotten.

So, how about this, let’s talk about the obsession of Pinoys on this thing called Christmas.

I know the idea is such a novelty but there is a lot of things that we could hate about Christmas in the Philippines.

Think about it. Are we really happy, every time we “enjoy” this supposed yuletide gathering? Year in, year out, I would always say that we are missing the real spirit of Christmas. That we should rejoice the birth of our Savior. You know, it should be religious, as it always have been.

But I am at a loss when:

– I would see Christmas lights put up as early as October. Yes, it is extremely logical to see running lights and actually say that we already feel the “spirit” of the holidays. Here’s a suggestion, if you have the extra money, it would be great to put up a “KTV bar” beside your house and you can decorate it with as many lights as you can. Make sure that those lights are visible via Google Maps. Hey, at least people would talk about your House of Happiness, trending worldwide. *cue in Careless Whisper*

– Those so-called institutions that would barrage on your house gates, unknowing if they are a valid charity. Come on, it’s 2012 already, are you even happy of what you guys are doing? Are we even sure that once we open our gates for you, you wouldn’t just barge inside our house… and do something dirty with me? On that note, invalid charitable institutions are very welcome, then!

– Carolers as early as November. Really? Really? What the fuck, kids? You have the worst parents. Please don’t blame society if your child gets kidnapped by MLM agents. The public does not care if your child is on the streets prior to the 16th of December. If we won’t open our doors to you, it means one thing. We are actually just hiding from our godchildren. Yeah, we are cheapskates at that.

– Also, as early as November (or even October), when people are complaining that their 13th month pay is zilch, nada, nill, null, or gone. Aren’t you even satisfied or happy that you got something extra, to use for the up and coming holidays? Look, it’s not our problem if you’re a “techie”. If you have this inane talent to buy the latest gadget out there and would be ADHD about it by looking for something new, six months after. You know, every time you whine, a syokoy dies of oral sex. Think about it.

– Extremely unimaginative office Christmas parties. Take our company, for instance. The theme for our Christmas Party is Wild Western. My grade three teacher called if she wants me to borrow her outfit. There is a lot of “funner” themes out there: clowns, drag queens, german moreno outfits, and even cross-dressing. Wild Western, really? And with that, I’d definitely wear a Clint East”Wood” outfit.

– I am really tired to hear and see and read single people blurt out that their Christmas is cold and shit. Is it really that important? Don’t you have friends you can spend Christmas with? Or how about this thing that they call “family”. I am assuming that you haven’t killed anyone in your area of responsibility. So, how about spending it with people with real single issues. Such as those kids who already lost everyone in their lives.

I still believe that Christmas should be simple, religious, and mababaw. Take that Scrooge out of your system and reflect. Reflect that you have the basic needs and you can actually read this since you haz an interwebz connection.


~ by targrod on November 20, 2012.

One Response to “:: “happy” holidays, everyone ::”

  1. Ang gift mo sa June na lang. Wala nga lang gift wrap. Pero cute yun! Kamukha mo. Hehehe.

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