:: i’m sorta back ::

Wow. It’s been awhile since I last posted something nonsensical in this website. Fourteen days to be exact. And with that, I feel like singing…

I am fourteen… going on fifteen… Lala Diyos ko day… (to the tune, of course, of The Sound of Music’s I Am Sixteen) Why? Because it feels so good to sing abruptly out of nowhere. Plus the stupidity of you while singing in a public place is always a gem in the hallways of Youtube. Ah, I miss my carefree days where I would spend six hours on the phone. Not!

Before anything else, commercial muna.

This is just a holy crapmandu material. So there we were (sabay pasok ng The Way We Were ni Barbra Tengco este Streisand), grocerying in Shopwise Cubao and I was mildly shocked (like yung malamang mong pinakapangit mong kaibigan, nagkajowa ng poging-poging / magandang-magandang nilalang at ang nasabi mo lang exoctics is in) with the crowd. There was a 3-Day Sale and there was a lot of cheap girls lying around.

Biro lang.

Haha. Nah.

Anyhoo, to make the long story short, we got the cabinets (image posted below), for 600 bucks only. Ish a steal, you know, like what China wants with the waters that are bordering theirs.

2012-12-04 11.03.18

just because cabinets are a figment of my room’s imagination.

Commercial ends here. In which, I got nothing in return. Kahit X-deal lang sana ng brip ng mga karpinterong maaamoy mo sa MRT during rush hour. But noooo… Life is unfair that way.

In a non-related shizzit, I’ve been bitten by the Winchester Brothers. I now know and understand why there is a million fangirls squirming for moar Supernatural episodes. I mean, look at the chiseled bods of the brothers. They’re too awesome. I know mine is naturally better but as much as possible, I would just let this go. I avoid Buhateyshion of the Bangko.

Also, I’ve been a carpenter lately. I varnished a bookcase (remember Jim Varnished of the Ernest fame? or was it Jim Barney?) and I drilled a hole, just because I exemplify drilling *evil_grin*. Next time, I plan to paint my room. I want to do burning pink. Because BF is my idol and I want to be like him.

And I will be posting moar boring posts from hereon. 2013 would be really different for moi. Wish me luck (and give me money na din).

– – – – – – – – – – –


>> Gaming Library sells Lego Star Wars Watches — Finally, I can easily buy this in exchange for my a. lost and b. robbed SW watches.

>> Jonathan Strange adaptation — I actually read this freaking book for six months. And I still didn’t understand it.

>> Project NOAH — Typhoon Pablo (job? I can’t help it, sorry. I know this is serious) related news. You can actually use it to all typhoons in the Philippines.

>> Cinemanila 2012 schedule — SUPPOT! este SUPPORT!

>> Lego tracks down rare train set for Asperger’s boy, 11, who saved up for it for two years only to discover it was no longer made — Lego is awesome!

>> I was “Sottocopied” by the Manila Bulletin — Something for friends in the journalism industry.

>> Raissa Robles’ Blog: Part 1: A painful topic – media corruptionAt usapang journalists pa din.


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