:: Hate u Multiply ::


I’m sure netizens who had account(s) tried to beat the deadline set by the website, Multiply. Just because the Mission-Vision of the company has changed, they announced that everything will be wiped out from their system including the following contents:

– Your hundred plus blog entries.
– Thousands of images which were patiently uploaded as the years passed.
– Same goes with videos that encouraged a great deal of EQ due to the slowness of the Interwebz connection. Yes, you, dial-up.
– Freakin’ love letters that you promised yourself that you’d never read. Ever.
– Flame wars at the comments section.
– Broken friendship(s). And you’d wonder why and what happened with the fallout.
Lame-ass grammar. Oh wait, it still is as lame-ass as before.
– Fucking kilig moments that you know you’d never experience in your lifetime.
– Extremely emoist posts that you wish you didn’t write.
– Awesome prophecies because you’re the man.
– Insensitive jokes that consist of offensive gay and religious posts that you wish you’d never post. No wait, it was way fun back then. So, fuck you humorless reader.
– Anything that falls under the “What the hell was I thinking back then” category.
– Hate letters to your peers and office-mates.
– Confessions accidentally set to public. i.e. Coming out of the closet and the wardrobe because you’re fab!
– Better interpersonal skills with the netizen public because there was such a thing called respect before. As it was respect before judgment and unlike today, which goes vise-versa.
– Real serious moments and hey-ho drama moments on the side. With a heartwarming care from the Netizen community.
– Death threat(s). And their song, Gusto Kong Bumaet.
– More sexually related activities.

I guess the suckiest thing, that Multiply did was to “announce” that they have export tools for Multiply users. But there’s a catch, you can only export shit via Tumblr and / or Blogger. That’s it, no freakin’ WordPress. Imagine, my surprise and extreme hate when I found out that they are going to wipe out memories. I mean, Friendster did it before. But no one actually cared. No one cared about the extra-babaw and obnoxious testes este testis. This one was entirely different. People poured their heart out in this site and moving 1000+ blog entries to a new provider is absolutely crazy.

And the OC-ness in me is the killer in this dilemma.

So, what happened was it took hours and hours of painful pleasure to read each blog entry and sotto-copy them in my WordPress site. I think the migration actually took days.

But wait, there’s more. How about their media export tool? You thought it would be as easy as cooking bacon. But nooooo, there were instances when I had to download manually whatever shit I could find; just because the export tool encountered errors in downloading.


Here’s the clincher. IT DOES NOT END ON DECEMBER FIRST. Everything is still there. There is still time.

I wish they’d get hit with the End Of The World shit on the 21st (or is it the 22nd?)

– – – – – – – – – – –

Reklamo ng reklamo, as if naman nagbayad ng premium. He he he.


~ by targrod on December 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “:: Hate u Multiply ::”

  1. hindi ka rin bitter ano?

    anyways, i did that way before they said they’re closing down the blogging site. so, i feel you man.

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