:: a fallen hero ::

I used to be a huge-ass Pac-man fan. I adored him to the highest; I mean we Filipinos love the idea of underdogs anyway. It was probably a dream come true, not just for this boxer, but for the whole nation too. Imagine, our country is greatly recognized recently, a guy who wanted to take home a CRV. Yes dear folks, it was something to be proud of.

It dwindled lately due to a lot of things that this guy had done. Entering politics and become a douche like your usual trapo slash celebrity, an epitome of a bibbo kid; wanting to do and try a lot of things even if everyone knows that he’s not capable to do most of the tasks that he wants to try. But everybody gave in to his likings. Dude, this guy gave us pride. He was a pound-per-pound champion. He is an eight-time title holder. In this generation, he is one of the best.

As said, I am expecting this result already. As early as five years ago. When he started to just become a money-maker. It is quite obvious that the passion for the sport is gone. Everything feels like it was just playing safe for almost of all the fights that he had in the past five years. What happened to this boxer with killer instinct who stopped flooring people? Everyone knows that boxing is a vicious sport. Why play nice? Boggle and Sorry is a play-nice game, why not do that instead?

He deserved to be floored. He was too overconfident. Every smart boxer knows when and where to handle the appropriate defense. He was careless and it was too obvious that he does not know how to fight anymore. Was Marquez lucky? Probably. But I’d still believe that fact that this guy was hungrier than he is. Imagine, a 39-year old boxer who would sacrifice himself just to prove that he was the winner for all those three fights. How about our boxer? He can’t even fight Mayweather and just follow his terms, just to end and tell everyone who the real pound-per-pound champion is.

I am also itching to say on his change of religion. I’m not saying that being a born-again Christian is bad. All I am saying is that if grace is offered to you, don’t shy away or even reject it. If there were five religions who offered their prayers to you, accept all of them. It is not your problem if a religion is offended in the process; it is not your loss.

The fourth fight is a stupid idea. It’s like the Episode 1 of Star Wars or even the fourth Indy film that is just a figment of our imagination.


~ by targrod on December 10, 2012.

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