:: My Big Reveal ::

Oh wow!

As in wow in wowowillie thenoontimeshow thenonnoontimeshow.

Never in my life would I imagine that I would miss a lot of online journal entries. I promised this to myself while I was skipping through the busy streets of EDSA, for no apparent reason, that I would try to write journal entries, at least, once every 24 hours.

But there was a clincher to that. My original aim was to just create posts for one year straight. I almost did it and it was a big feat for me, and puny effect on mankind, not the wrestler.

And with that, if you are a listener of The Morning Rush, you might remember Delle Arias’ Big Reveal last year. Or was it two years ago? It was about her giving birth to a bouncing Caucasian boy.

I have my own Big Reveal too, you mutant baloney. I was that guy who designed the Breaking Dawn Part 2 poster. I guess people did not notice the stupidity of the poster. Or I guess, it was implied already and it was actually an overkill of a running joke. Thank you Stephenie Meyer.

I have another big reveal too. I pitched the ideas for three of the MMFF films that are currently showing in the Metro.

I informed them, the idea of Sosy Problems. Imagine, at this day and age, the word sosy seems so passe. And with my great mind, I told them to resurrect the concept. As the year comes to an end, we would hear people say sosy again. It was awesome, in some sorts. And it just occurred to me when I was washing our bathroom, while holding a bottle of Liquid Sosy este Sosa.

I also threw some brainstormish ideas to the creators of Sisterakas. It was actually a wordplay on Sisters and Ruckus. But the majority of the viewing public during the MMFF season is more of the people who does not actually care if the movie has high merits for its artistic appeal. So I told myself, would it really matter if people knew what Ruckus mean? Since we Filipinos love to Filipinize words, might as well turn Ruckus into Rakas. To seal the deal, throw in Wenn Deramas and everything is all set.

I am a genius.

Lastly, this one was quite easy in my part. I just texted bossing and informed him that it would be easy for him to get Juday since Ryan is his co-host in Eat Bulaga. The initial titles were Si Agimat, Si Enteng and Si Ula. I was obviously dissatisfied with the title. I mean, what’s wrong with them? Why not use an Oxford Comma to teach the bobo audience, right? So, I politely informed them to just change Ula to Clara. But they told me that it should have been Mara. And I was angry, not because of their familiarity with the decade old TV series, but I was confused who Mara and who Clara is. In short, we tried to come up with a very unique and wonderful title. Alas, the brainstorming people were busy crying because of the three losses of our country: Pac-man’s loss, Janine Tugonon’s second place finish, and the list of Senatorial candidates for the 2013 elections. I was even surprised that they went to Obando. Hey, you can’t spend your tears in that area of the Philippines. If you want to take out your angst and frustrations, might as well go out and look for articles and blog posts of these topics and troll people.

Last time I checked, the original Si Ako is Maria Jennygale Mano Pili Teresa Carlson. Sottocopied much?

– – – – – – – – – – –

I’ll just post my Big Reveal tomorrow.

It’s not as important as receiving gifts anyway. For you, I mean.


~ by targrod on December 27, 2012.

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