:: Let’s go cryptic ::

So, how is your Christmas this year?

Did you think less for yourself and actually gave something to someone? Did you know that my second name is Someone?

My parents based my second name on their favorite Tolkien novel. Yes, that’s Someone Gamgee for you fellow maids-a-milkin’.

Oh, didja remember my so-called big reveal yesterday that was obviously waylay-ed by our friends from MMDA. Yeah, those same people who are actually making a difference with regards to the betterment of traffic in the Metro. Just because traffic and movies go hand-in-hand. And much more with Philippine politicians aka the TRAditional POliticians and respect from people who work their butts off. Right?

I mean we are actually giving tax money to senators such as Sotto, Marcos, and Revilla. We are such lucky people.

And my big reveal will be given in an old-fashioned cryptic approach. Just because I can. And here goes.

So, I’m expecting something new, next year. I know Justin Bieber’s hit single is heading for something beautiful, probably remixed by my favorite band, Cueshe. The band is obviously a class of its own. I really love to hear Baby on the local airwaves again. Also, I am singing it with them on June.

I am also getting a sports car next year. They say that those Geminis are top of the line. I probably saw that in one episode of Married With Children. I assume these are available on March of 2013.

Happiness. Sweet.

Pardon if I am not announcing this one publicly. The greatest dilemma befalls on the number of invites. I want to spend it with a lot of people but I know, and you probably know, the usual.

~ by targrod on December 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “:: Let’s go cryptic ::”

  1. I like to think I’m good at decoding and reading between the lines… so Congrats! hahaha 😀 *** sabay palpak pala. hehehe ***

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