:: childhood stories, whut? ::

During the discourse of our talks with the upcoming future special border of this house, I found out things about me that was not mentioned in the stories of my mother when I was young; just because I loved to listen to her made up stories that ranges from pineapples to Capasco, a metallurgical company in our subdivision.

First one was I had an affinity for cobwebs. In such a way that I added them as side dishes or even just a special treat for my palate during the early days of my childhood.

And the second one was the love for flushes. Imagine the horror of my mother when she found out that I flushed her precious earring in the toilet. Which tells me one thing: it helped me with Math. I guess there is a subconscious early training in terms of my affiliation with flush cards.


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500 Film Challenge update:

6. Balls To The Wall (2001) [dir. Penelope Spheeris]
It might have been good on paper. The idea of a guy, selling his body to the devil by being an exotic dancer, to have the best wedding for his future wife is something one can ridiculously watch. Sadly, it just was not there. It was not that terrible but it sucked to the point that you cannot even add it to the cult films watch-list.

7. John Dies At The End (2012) [dir. Don Coscarelli] **
Taken from the comic book graphic novel of the same name, this oddity of a film manages to take your brain, squishes it, and sucks the soul of out it. It takes the pain away three-fold and you would wonder on how you could enjoy such film despite its complexities. A lovable film for the crazy folks. Reminds me of A Scanner Darkly but weirder, definitely.

8. The Occultist (2009) [dir. Novin Shakiba]
What a fucking waste of time. Why do these special edition DVD manufacturers decide to reproduce and populate such disastrous and horrific movies? The perfect device for torture.

9. Detention (2011) [dir. Joseph Kahn] **
A long-playing music video and I am not saying that in a bad way. I guess its quirkiness defined the film and it was quite funny that this movie is not of the thriller genre but it was exciting throughout. Just put, this is not your usual teenage slasher film. I guess it was just proper to watch this film with John Dies At The End.

10. Citadel (2012) [dir. Ciaran Foy]
Is it creepy? Hell yeah! Is it horror? I suppose. Is it scary for this author? Na-uh, never, nil, and nope. I guess this might be scary for some people. I even thought that it was probably one film who robbed from the concept of The Raid: Redemption; I am looking at you Dredd. But it was clearly not.


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