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Special event, punerp, done today. It was definitely uber fun and tiring.

We used three themes today:
1. Basic ahit pogi – The motif is green. We wore blue. Just because The Ateneo is near; as we did the shoot at the U.P. grounds.
2. Semi-hipsteriffic / geeky (ugh) attire – Cutesy patootsy comic hero prints with 8-bit fake glasses.
3. Somekinda Harry Potter-ish – I love the Whomping Willow effect.

I have a higher respect to all those special event photographers who try their best to make you look good. Hey, it is not a joke to create instantly scenes out of all the available resources around you. Such great minds. Ultra salute!

And with that, I would like to thank Markku and Hana for the wonderful images; we have yet to see the prints but I haz trust in you. And to Ate Tony for the make-up.

I have always wanted to say that. Heh.

– – – – – – – – – – –

500 Film Challenge update:

11. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D (2012) [dir. Michael J. Bassett]
Why do we waste our precious time, reliving a dying franchise? AFAIK, and Silent Hill (the first) was not as scary and awesome the first time I saw it. I really don’t know why. But it did not create any lasting love for me though I have this everlasting relationship with the horror genre. I had low hopes to this movie already and I am glad I did.

12. Jack Reacher (2012) [dir. Christopher McQuarrie]
Surprisingly, despite a flop Tom Cruise starrer: Knight And Day, Jack Reacher is one of those memorable semi-detective films that consist of adrenaline action that you would usually see in a Mission: Impossible film. I guess Mister Cruise has found his new niche?

13. House At The End of The Street (2012) [dir. Mark Tonderai]
I had high hopes for this film, just by looking at the promotional poster courtesy of the non-limited image of the movie package. *ehem ehem* Sadly, I was not ready with the shortcomings of the entire film. The movie did not prepare me for anything. I should have stopped the movie player at the 1 hour mark. And sucky for moi, I have to finish all films that I started.

14. Island (2011) [dir. Elizabeth Mitchell, Brek Taylor]
I know how zombies feel like when they watch a very uninteresting film. It was probably art. Or it was trying to be art.

15. Outlander (2008) [dir. Howard McCain] *
What a fun film about vikings and aliens. And I am just happy that they did not rename this to Vikings and Aliens. Right, Cowboys and Aliens? The visuals are definitely glorious and the story itself, despite a short resonance with Dragonheart, I enjoyed it.

16. Chinese Zodiac (2012) [dir. Jackie Chan] **
I love the retro-feel of what seems to be an old-school Hong Kong Jackie Chan film. No mainstream shit. No 30 percent funny Western-made dialogues. Just pure and unadulterated modern kung-fu fighting. Who cares if it feels like the story is stuck in the 1980’s? I would gladly accept that over The Spy Next Door and Around The World In 80 Days.

17. D’ Kilabots Pogi Brothers Weh?!? (2012) [dir. Soxy Topacio]
I tweeted about this a while back. I announced to the world that Wally and Jose should shy away from their PG attitude and adjust to a more raunchy approach. Their bossing Vic has done child-friendly films ever since Kris Aquino became the freakin’ scream queen. Come on, I know that you guys are funny. Your funny clips are all over Youtube.

18. Flight (2012) [dir. Robert Zemeckis]
It feels like the use of the Hollywood formula is prevalent to around 70 percent of this film. Nonetheless, it was a great watch. Though if you try to be gritty at the start, follow it through most of the movie. And it is nice to see Zemeckis back at the big screen, as a director.


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