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I did not know that flowers are a big deal, as big as titosen’s ego, in the special event industry. I almost went holy crap with the information that I gathered when I went to Dangwa yesterday.

I mean, it is always easy to buy their shizzit during February. Everything is ready and they would just jack up their prices for the unsuspecting consumer who is just trying to let the day pass. Thank you consumerism. Thank you foreign country who introduced a “holiday” using a non-existent saint.

The best thing about yesterday is the willingness of those store representatives who are willing to assist you the moment you see flowers meant for the dead and for the living dead too such as Joey Smith. They would ask you a lot of things and words you are not familiar with. But constant vigilance still works with this. So, always make your wand ready. No, not your pen… silly. Just do not let them sway you. You have choices in the area and it is not bad to check the prices of the other stores.

And bring a friend or a coordinator to assist you. It is not bad if you are ignorant with flowers.

There are hipon in the area too. Nomnomnomnomnom. Hihihi.

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500 Film Challenge update:

19. This Is 40 (2012) [dir. Judd Apatow]
There were moments in this movie that would make you laugh out loud. The only problem is, the part where you would want to take part in their journey, it was not there. It was not as engaging as it looks; take note of the movie poster too, it sucks. But don’t you worry, it still works as a comedy. And I was surprised that the kids used in the film, are the director’s and Leslie Mann’s lil’ ones.

20. Dead Heat (1988) [dir. Mark Goldblatt] *
What a seriously fun film. I finally caught something campy again and I was really satisfied to the point that I did not even bother to watch any other movies the rest of the day; plus I have work too, so there. I love the use of the zombie element in this film. It feels like Lethal Weapon Of The Dead. Raring to watch it again sometime in the future.


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