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shoot me. please.

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500 Film Challenge update:

21. The Hurt Locker (2008) [dir. Kathryn Bigelow]
Re-watch. No. I still don’t get it. So sue me.

22. Pitch Perfect (2012) [dir. Jason Moore]
Re-watch. What a wonderful, wonderful film. I think this is my new annual movie watch. Anna Kendrick is

23. The Proposal (2009) [dir. Anne Fletcher]
I don’t know. I feel that there are times when you feel that this rom-com is oh so worth it that you decide to pimp it to your friends and to the balut vendor who loves to watch movies during his break time. And there are times that you feel oh so shortchanged even if you just watched it using a pirated DVD. Guess what? This film is the latter.

24. Burlesk Queen (1977) [dir. Celso Ad. Castillo] *
This is a must watch for us Pinoys. Not just for all the Vilmanians out there. It displays much of what our country had before, and I am not so sure, but I think there is a hidden political approach to this film. Salute!

25. Moonrise Kingdom (2012) [dir. Wes Anderson] **
It is such a beauty in my eyes whenever I see the highly distinct visual approach of Wes Anderson. The story is definitely a trademark Anderson and I love the cast too. At times you might expect that this is just one hell of a kid’s movie. Nah. Also, the opening scene was one smart idea.

26. Taken 2 (2012) [dir. Olivier Megaton]
If they came out with a part 3, I hope the family finally dies. Stop with the franchise. This second one is definitely stale. Or if they are planning to come up with another sequel, might as well introduce another fearsome protagonist related with the family.

27. Thunderstruck (2012) [dir. John Whitesell]
With the numerous NBA stars ready for a jump to Hollywood, I was surprised that Kevin Durant rob the scene in this child-friendly movie. There is an absolute retro feel that mixes Space Jam and that movie from the Ernest franchise. It brims with the comparison of the NBA star versus Michael Jordan. Wishing Kevin more basketball stints than the acting ones. Though I really would love to see him portray Kobe Bryant’s autobiography or even Tiger Woods.


~ by targrod on January 18, 2013.

6 Responses to “:: feel the spark ::”

  1. wow buhay pa pala itong 500 Film Challenge XD go go go

  2. hahaha, yay!!! congrats at nasa 27 ka na! hahaha.. Ako nasa 24th palang. hihii… Nawili lang ulit ako kasi last year nung tinigil ko siya ay panay lista parin ako. hahaha..

    • ganun din ako. ang sarap din kasing maglista, nakakatamad lang yung reaction paper. hahaha! pero ngayon kahit maikling description lang. carry na din. =D

      sana umabot ka sa 500!

      • hahaha.. oo nga eh, parang mas masayang gawin yung ginawa mo. hahaha.. kaya lang na-ooc ako, feeling ko babies ko yung mga post, kelangan binebaby. haha! (except sa post ko tungkol sa legend of zorro, sobrang katamaran eh nilink ko nalang sa wikipedia. hahah!)

      • gustuhin ko mang gawing mahaba, feeling ko hindi na ko makakapanood masyado. tsaka nakakapagod din yung mahaba yung sinusulat. nasasayangan ako sa oras. hehe. kaya ayan. pero good luck sa iyo. sana matapos mo ang 500! =D

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