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Updates on our Special Event.

I am truly excited with our invitation. As much as I would want to post the image of it, here on this site, I’d rather not. For now. I will post all the things that we did on the second week of March.

Until now, I am still overwhelmed with the scope of work-done with regards to our special event. Imagine, just for the flowers, you have to spend almost a day in the outskirts of Dangwa. Or even going to the tailor, discussing everything: from the preferred design, color, built, and such. I would absolutely understand the guy’s reaction every time the female asks him on any details of any requirement of the special event. A thousand Yes or “okay na ‘yan” are probably on loop. Might as well get a tape recorder, noh?

Don’t get me started with the budget. I guess the trick here is to really for the best price around. Meaning, expensive is not always the best decision and cheap ones are probably crappy sometimes.

But who says that you have to spend extravagant amounts of moolah for such special event? Use your connections. Ask around. Ask your friends. Even ask those who did the special event already. Much more, be wary of the events coordinator / organizer out there. Some of them would just say yes to everything that you would say. Think about it, it helps them lessen their work.

And of course, the scarier part is if everything is going to be okay on the day of the special event.

We can do this.

As of date, a thousand thanks to all those who are helping us. All of them are greatly appreciated. We owe you our lives.

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500 Film Challenge update:

39. Ice Age: Continental Drift (2012) [dir. Steve Martino, Mike Thurmeier]
Funny, amusing, and perfect for your kid.

40. American Movie (1999) [dir. Chris Smith]
They shouldn’t have classified this as a comedy. In hindsight, it may be humorous, but why am I not laughing? In fact, it is a sad story of a filmmaker. Schadenfreude much?

41. War Horse (2011) [dir. Steven Spielberg]
I think the Spielberg empathy was not that felt in this film; though I might be wrong. The journey of the film is wonderful but fairly expected. It was also a safe film through and through. I wish that they did not make this of the PG make. Come on, you already did Schindler’s List, why not this one?

42. Darna At Ang Babaing Tuod (1964) [dir. Cirio H. Santiago]
The best thing about this film is they tackled the background of the enemy. The stretch is quite long though. It was an obvious misdirection of the Darna franchise. Remember that people would watch this because of Darna and not the antagonist’s story. Though it is purely understandable that this is an old film. I forgive you, bitches.

43. Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013) [dir. John Luessenhop]
What a waste of time. Sadly, I never got the hang of this franchise. I would absolutely get the Nightmare or Freddy series. But this one does not even have the supernatural element. I think they should come up with something new. Perhaps a killer iPhone. Yes?

44. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) [dir. Timur Bekmambetov]
Re-watch. I still love the fact that Lincoln is a vampire hunter and this film had a lot of moments, at least in my book. And leading it as an action film, giving it an identity, is the reason I decided to watch it again.


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