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Updates on our Special Event.

Isa lang ang masasabi ko. Ang mura sa Ongpin kung sakaling doon kayo bibili nang inyong special jewelry.

At isa lang ang pinagdarasal ko ngayon. Na sana hindi peke ang nabili namin. Pero dibanga, bawal mag-nega sa mga susunod na linggo at buwan. Dapat tulad lang muna tayo ni Enrile, gusto ko, happy ako.

Kasama na din ang ka-hardcore-an na ginawa namin kahapon. Hindi ko mawari na ako ay pupunta sa pusod ng Imus, Teh-cabits para hanapin ang lugar kung saan doon kami makakakuha ng aming mga ipapamigay sa SE.

Pinagdarasal ko din ang mag-bibidyokam. Huwag mo kaming i-Native American ah.

– – – – – – – – – – –

500 Film Challenge update:

45. End Of Watch (2012) [dir. David Ayer] *
What a gem to watch. I remember that the television show Cops used to have this type of approach. I definitely loved the relationship of the two main protagonists. There is probably a debate on if it is really necessary to show the epilogue of this movie. I guess the director wanted it to end on a high note.

46. Frankenweenie (2012) [dir. Tim Burton]
It is probably just me when I say that I am getting tired of Tim Burton, though it is not always the case. I think I saw a movie with this treatment years ago. Plus the fact that it was not as awesome as Nightmare Before Christmas.

47. Splash (1984) [dir. Ron Howard]
It is a sight to see and watch “old” films. Apparently, this is a first time for me to watch Splash. I have no complaint whatsoever. Feel good movie, yo!

48. The Paperboy (2012) [dir. Lee Daniels]
I am at an awe on why this film gathered a standing ovation in one of those film fests abroad. Are the times a-changing? I know a few of the casts were awesome but there is a nagging bull behind me, telling me that this trying hard cult film is, well, trashy. And the pissing scene would have been awesomer if it was shot in full glory.

49. The Campaign (2012) [dir. Jay Roach]
It had its moments. That is it. Oh, there is heart too, somewhere. I guess.

50. Metropolitan (1990) [dir. Whit Stillman]
I admit the talky genre is really not my niche. But I do understand the take of this film. Taking on the lives of the bourgeoisie and their supposed drama and stories. From the highest point of relationship issues to the lowest of apathy in real-life situations.

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