:: a little respect ::

It’s like the Dark Ages once again. The Catholic faith in this country is prolly feeling that battle against its non-followers and surprisingly the non-practicing followers. There are lots of issues at hand. The greatest goes to the Church’s stand against the RH Bill, the strong influence on government and politics, and the unbecoming behavior of the church’s leaders and its priests.

Oh, before you condemn me, read the rest of this entry first.

I’ve never cared of the public persecution to the various priests and leaders of the church. I, too, share the same sentiment. I detest those leaders too; especially those, of which, who use religion for their own gain. Much more with the supposed separation of church and state as I am bewildered on the moral standing and structure of today’s Catholic church. Lastly, I am probably one of the few people who can be distinctly seen un-kneeling and keeping my mouth shut every time the whole church starts to pray for the non-approval of the RH Bill.

But this time it’s different. What Carlos Celdran did in 2010 was really done in bad taste. Come on. You say that it is freedom of expression? Last time I checked there is a limit in exercising one’s expression. Can’t it be at the CBCP grounds during a meeting of the bishops? Or how about any gathering that does not involve any place of worship?

Funny that whenever the comparison of the Catholic religion with the Muslims or INCs arise, few people would suddenly shut the idea down and find the logic utterly hilarious. Last time I checked, all these are organized religion, the only difference is that these guys would really fight for their lives just to defend their religion. You’ve probably seen Muslims on TV already and I had a first hand encounter of an INC member, and he was scary. And these Catholic leaders, they have been extra-lenient with everything that is happening around already.

Now, here is my point. If you were a parishioner and Celdran did it in your place of worship, how would you feel about it? I know that he is against the people behind the religion and not the religion itself. Celdran getting the maximum punishment is not really surprising. If he got six months, I assume that he might do it again in the near future, much more that he might ask people to join him. One commenter in a site also added that the law was made to avoid any religious wars.

I know that people were disgusted with what happened. Have you checked the people around you and try to count on how many of them are devoted Catholics. Ask them on how they felt on what happened to have a better understanding on why it should happen elsewhere.

Do I have to expound to you that millions of lives have changed due to religion. Much more with priests out there who constantly assists and helps. Take your mind out of the media and do a little investigation if you don’t believe me. We have lots of priests in this country mind you. It’s like our politics, most bad apples are sticking out.

Hate the player. Don’t hate the game.


~ by targrod on January 29, 2013.

One Response to “:: a little respect ::”

  1. nice take on the issue. i agree with you that it was not the right timing and place for carlos celdran to voice our his protest. i know the state should guarantee every people his right to free expression but you are right there are right time and place to express something. as i would always say the end does not justify the means. i may have share sentiments with celdran regarding his stand on the rh bill but i too will feel offended it i was one of those attending that mass. but i don’t think the offense should be merit criminal liability. well that’s just for me. 🙂

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