:: 9 Things 1 ::

1. Don’t himas the tiyan of a buntis. It aggravates contractions.
2. Whether you are related to the president or not, you’d still generate media headlines.
3. You will never know why people are wary of you. Nonetheless, you have the power to ignore it.
4. Being late has its own perks too!
5. There is such a thing as an ironic self-righteous person.
6. People will try to compete with you if the competition does not exist.
7. Quiznos = Subway + Oven Toaster. Give me Earle’s anytime.
8. Corporate promises are an easy way to bait unsuspecting new graduates.
9. There is a possibility of snow in our country. Or not. I want Saba Con Yelo.


~ by targrod on March 21, 2013.

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