:: good bye lucasarts ::

You might have seen this news bit, last week. After reading the title, it took awhile for it to subside inside my brain. I eventually read the rest of the article and found myself wondering if April Fools had an extended run. And surprise, it was not a joke of any kind.

And I thought I was reading one of Jay Leno’s on-air punchlines.

I believe Lucasarts has been my imaginary friend during my formative years. Yes, formative meaning ‘from high school to post-college’. It was my virtual yaya. It was my personal medium of amusement. It was a real one-way friend.

I grew up playing Lucasarts games mainly due to its mostly one-player format plus the fact that it had the real better content in terms of story and witty lines; sorry, Sierra. It gave me incredulous hours of playing time sitting in front of the computer trying to figure out if I missed something in the creation of the perfect root-beer spray that would finally kill LeChuck or me re-playing Day Of The Tentacle while writing down my personal walk-through.

It was really funny back then. I probably had the loser-est personal computer in town. Back then, the in thing was the 80486 model and I had 80286. Regarding the hard drive, I believe theirs were better against my 20 Megabyte HDD. Yes, folks, you read it right. Much more when 4Meg of it is used up already. And to my delight, I could still play Day Of The Tentacle, just because it uses only 15Meg of precious HDD space.

But that was just in high school. College came and we bought a new computer; finally! Ours had that precious CD-ROM and was able to install the third outing of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango. The Interwebz helped me acquire the other Monkey Island games, Indiana Jones And The Fate Of Atlantis, and even Sam & Max.

I was quite ecstatic when I heard from the news that Disney bought Lucasarts. I quipped that I would finally see Disney characters in a Monkey Island game. Or was it a Monkey Island movie? But boy, I was wrong.

Lucasarts closes shop. More than a decade of fanboying and what happens? A great deal of sadness and pure disgust to the corporation. This is to inform you, Disney, that point-and-clickers still has the market. Fuck you for playing it safe.

As much as I would want to write more hate shit to this Disney, might as well say goodbye to the years of love from the Lucasarts people.

Thank you so much for giving us games such as the Monkey Island franchise, the Maniac Mansion franchise, Sam & Max, Grim Fandango, the Indy franchise, and other games that you guys produced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the constant brain-picking. And thank you for the memories. I know other companies would pop up and probably claim your throne. But you were there first and will always be one of the best video game developer in history.

Shit. I hate farewells.

Aye, oh look, a three-headed monkey.


~ by targrod on April 8, 2013.

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